Girl in debt

Girl in debt [First Impression]

Girl In Debt is not my normal cup of tea, but I’m giving it a go anyway. It’s definitely different, that much I can say!

Alt Titles-1억 소녀, 마이너스 1억 소녀, -1eog Sonyeo, Maineoseu 1eog Sonyeo
CreatorsJI Gangmin [Coco4, JEE Gang Min, 池康珉, 지강민] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
GenreComedySlice of Life

Girl In Debt Summary

What do you do when life give you a debt? You make 100,000 dollars!

Girl In Debt [First Impression]
So the basic gist of this story is how the protagonist’s parents basically abandons her.

You see, the parents go abroad for business but things end up going bad. Instead of being responsible adults, they go underground and leave everything to their daughter.

During a drunken stupor, the young woman almost accidentally gets run over. Of course, the man in the car isn’t too happy since he veered into a tree to avoid hitting her.

They somehow end up on agreeing for her to pay back the money for the repairs. However, don’t people have car insurances in South Korea?

Where I live it’s mandatory to have a basic traffic insurance, but if you have newer and more expensive cars, you usually have a full-on car insurance. So you just pay a small fee and then the repairs are free of charge.

So the plot makes little sense to me, but I get different countries have various rules. Anyway, so she can’t work at the grocery store since the pay is too low. Instead, she starts working at a warehouse to earn back the money.

Girl In Debt [First Impression]

So far I’m not sure I’m liking the story too much. It’s by no means bad, but it’s not my cup of tea. I’m so used to more human looking characters, so these Powerpuff-looking characters slightly bother me.

I’m not saying the art is bad, but it’s not something I normally read. I also feel like the plot is very basic, but still throws us some red herrings here and there.

Recommendation: Can’t say it’s a bad story but it’s not the absolute best one I’ve read. I recommend checking it out yourself first.

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