The "Giantess" Wants Love

The “Giantess” Wants Love [First Impression]

The “Giantess” Wants Love is a cute story about a very tall girl, wanting to experience love! She thinks her crush is not liking her, but she may be wrong…

Alt Titles180cm 그녀를 사랑해!, Nu juren ye yao tan lian’ai, Nǚ jùrén yě yào tán liàn’ài, Tall Girls Can Fall In Love Too, Tall in Love, The Female Giant Also Wants Love, 女巨人也要谈恋爱
CreatorsQing Ying [Qingying, Rainie, 清英] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, WebComicsBoomPocket ComicsJapaneseKorean
GenreComedy, DramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
The "Giantess" Wants Love

The “Giantess” Wants Love Summary

As a lovely girl that is 1.8-meter-tall, Gao Ran falls for the icy president Zhang Yang whose height is 1.69 meters.

By chance, Zhang Yang picks her as the candidate to become a super model. Hence she starts her career in the fashion world.

Will her journey be smooth and plain?

The "Giantess" Wants Love
This story is quite a fun one! We have our heroine who is taller than average in Asia and her crush who is an average heigh.

Gao Ran isn’t too comfortable with her own height. Especially since she keeps running into trouble with the smaller doorways, lower mirrors and so on.

However, the biggest issue is her inability to find someone she can love. All of her potential love interest ignore her or find her height to be an issue. When she finally ends up having a crush on Zhang Yang, things go awry. When meeting, she’s told the shenanigans her friend puts her through is “disgusting”.

Of course, their relationship will obviously change since this is a romance story. Gao Ran is an excellent runner, and due to stopping a robbery she ends up saving the family of Zhang Yang. Of course, he doesn’t quite know it’s her, but I assume his mother will recognize her eventually.

As she’s introduced to the modelling world, maybe she will start to open up from her shell and become more confident. I can just tell this is going to be a story where misunderstandings will just happen at every corner.

Recommendation: I quite like this story to be honest. I think it’s worth reading if you like romance with some unique obstacles.

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