Ghost Theater

Ghost Theater [Recommendation]

Ghost Theater is such a great way to explore humanity while still making it entertaining for readers. Highly recommend reading this story if you like Ghost Teller.

Alt Titles幽靈劇團, 유령극단, Yōulíng Jùtuán, Yulyeong-Geugdan
CreatorsLICO [Лико, LICO Corp., Life is Comic] – Team ADBU
LicensedYes, English
GenreDramaFantasy, Mature WarningMurderGore, Drugs, DepressionPsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
Ghost Theater [Recommendation]

Ghost Theater Summary

The shock of a tragic accident leaves talented actress Rahee Ku unable to make facial expressions. Her acting career seems hopeless… until she discovers the mysterious Ghost Theater.

Ghost Theater [Recommendation]

Initially I didn’t care much about Rahee Ku since she seems like a spoiled brat. After the accident ruins her acting career, she’s desperate to act and be able to feel something.

As she’s coming into contact with the theatre, it seems her prayers have been heard. It’s clear she’s still a bit bratty and overconfident, but I still like her spunk. She wants to act and who are we to complain about someone being passionate about something?

Ghost Theater [Recommendation]
Regardless of what, she ends up helping others so all is good.

I personally really like these stories where we’re told the fate of humans. Like in Ghost Teller, it’s clear we’re not exactly kind to each other. We’re layered with good and bad sides, which are interesting to explore.

Despite our best efforts, we may mess things up and cause more harm than good. It’s a balance act to stay on top and still do the right thing.

Rahee’s motivations may be selfish in nature, but she’s using herself for the sake of others. Even if she gets gratification from it, she’s not the one reaping the biggest reward.

I really love how both this story and Ghost Teller have a common thread and belong in the same universe. It makes it more exciting, thinking what else they can create in the universe.

Recommendation: If you like stories with a more psychological twist, exploring human emotions, this is for you.

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