Ghost Teller

Ghost Teller [Recommendation]

Ghost Teller is an interesting tale about ghosts and how they end up dead. Not all of them are good people, some are the victims of others. Ultimately, all end up dying.

Alt TitlesGwijeongudam, Призрачный сказитель, เรื่องเล่าจากวิญญาณ, 鬼传, 鬼傳口談, 귀전구담
CreatorsLICO [LICO Corp., Лико], QTT [Bianchii]
LicensedYes, Webtoons
Genre DramaFantasyHorrorMature Warning: GoreMurderSuicide, Abuse,  Depression,Supernatural, Psychological
Ghost Teller [Recommendation]

Ghost Teller Summary

You think your ghost stories are scary? Try listening to these stories from the ghosts themselves.

Ghost Teller [Recommendation]
Ghost Teller lets you experience some really unique stories, set in an environment where the ghosts themselves tell the stories.

Sometimes the ghosts are guilty of some horrible acts, others are just really unlucky.

Each story ranges in terms of feelings and some are really upsetting. Others are sad and tragic, which will probably make at least one story stand out to you.

I quite like how the ghosts are sitting around a table, telling their tales. It reminds me of a campfire and how you tell ghost stories to each other. Of course, in this case they’re really just telling stories about humans.

Ghost Teller [Recommendation]
Quite frankly, humans are the scariest ones in this story, not the ghosts. Most of these stories aren’t as scary as they are sad and tragic.

The first story really does hit home, since a woman ends up committing some pretty awful things due to mental health. Obviously this is sad, but also slightly problematic.

Just because you suffer from mental illness doesn’t mean you’ll go and slaughter your family. It’s an extreme situation, which does happen but it’s not exactly the norm.

It’s sadder because I think we can all identify with having feelings of inadequacies. Maybe we don’t go on a killing spree, but even so, thinking your spouse doesn’t love you hurts. Especially if you know subjectively you’re lacking more than they are, which may not be what they feel.

If nothing else, this comic goes to show how you should never make a decision based on assumptions.

Recommendations: Definitely worth reading if you like ghosts and human horrors.

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