The Gentle Way [Recommendation]

The Gentle Way [Recommendation]

The Gentle Way is a story about self-growth, love and judo. All intertwining into a romantic-comedy, ready to melt our hearts.

Alt TitlesN/A
LicensedWebtoon Canvas
GenreActionComedyRomanceSlice of LifeSports
The Gentle Way [Recommendation]

The Gentle Way Summary

Jun is not your average judo athlete… actually, she’s below average.

Despite being awkward, shy, and timid, Jun continues to practice judo with a fiery goal in mind: to defeat her greatest childhood opponent.

After meeting a mysterious and handsome stranger with outstanding judo skills, will Jun be able to convince him to teach her?

A story about loving oneself and falling in love…

Come watch an insecure fluffy lamb transform into a fierce queen.

The Gentle Way [Recommendation]
Our female lead Jun is quite pitiful, clearly being too timid for her own good. However, her heart is in the right place although it’s not always presented in the best way.

She meets her future partner when he saves her from a drunkard who is about to attack her. She finds out he’s good at judo and asks him to teach her. He declines it, obviously, but for once she’s persevering.

She continues to pop by where she met him previously, more or less every day. Talk about being persistent for once!

I absolutely love her embarrassing remarks, like she’s about to compliment him on a nice shoulder throw. Instead she just says he has a nice shoulder! I’m dying of 2nd hand embarrassment!.

The Gentle Way [Recommendation]
We can all guess what’s going to happen between these two lovebirds!

I absolutely love the fact he sees her as a puppy and kind of cute. The fact she also makes a bento-box for him just asserts her cuteness!

Of course, Jun isn’t exactly without friends, sort of. However, her roommate seems to be using her more than is ok, easily making condescending remarks and leaving dirty dishes for her.

I can only imagine there’s going to be some showdown between the two.

Recommendation: Overall I’m really liking the story and art! It’s interesting and I can totally see how it’s a growth story.

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