Female General and Eldest Princess [First Impression]

Female General and Eldest Princess [First Impression]

Female General And Eldest Princess is an interesting manhua, focusing on a woman dressing up as a man and a princess.

Alt Titles女将军和长公主, Nǚ jiāngjūn hé zhǎng gōngzhǔ, Nu Jiang Jun He Zhang Gong Zhu,
CreatorsQǐng jūn mò xiào [Wing Jun Mo Xiao, 请君莫笑, Please Don’t Laugh]
Tengxun Dongman [腾讯动漫, Tencent Animation, Téngxùn dòngmàn] (Artist)
AdaptedFrom a novel (Approved by the author for English translation!!)
Genre ActionComicsDramaGender BenderHistorical,  Shoujo Ai / Yuri
Female General And Eldest Princess [First Impression]

Female General And Eldest Princess Summary

In order to survive in troublesome times, avenging her loved ones, and seeking justice for the 118 people who dies in her village. Lin Wanyue takes the identity of Lin Feixing. He’s her younger twin brother and she’s joining the army, resolving to kill the all Huns in the world.

The queen dies in the court, leaving the sixteen-year-old princess and eight-year-old prince to depend on each other for survival.

Several princes who are older than the prince covets the throne, and the status of the two siblings is at stake.

Female General And Eldest Princess is apparently a well-received novel, which ends up with both a radio drama and this manhua.

It seems fans are thoroughly applauding the author’s ability to develop a girl’s love relationship.

You see, our female general and the princess are going to be an item eventually. However, the way there is apparently going to be quite exciting. The initial impression from me was how similar the story is to Mulan. Our heroine also dresses up as a man to join the army, aiming to defeat the huns.

I hope the story is going to focus on the mutual love between our two female protagonists. Another manhwa which features same-sex relationships in a great way is “Her Tale of Shim Chong“.

So far I haven’t been able to read too many chapters, but I’m enjoying what I’m seeing so far. I like the princess and her lesson to her younger brother, advising him to be quiet about his opinions.

The art style is also quite interesting, although I’m not always loving it. Still, the art is good enough to make me want to continue reading.

Recommendation: Based on the praises the novel has received, I’d say this one is worth reading.

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