Garden Of Silence [First Impression]

Garden of Silence [First Impression]

Garden Of Silence is a story about a woman leaving everything behind. Hopefully she’ll find happiness this life around.

Alt Titles寂静的花园, 침묵의 정원, A Silent Garden, Chimmug-ui Jeong-won, Jìjìng de huāyuán, Ji Jing De Hua Yuan
CreatorsMoon Seora [Moon Seola, Moonseol_a, 문설아], Yeomra [Yeom-ra, Yeomla, 염라] (Author)
Yam []
LicensedSadly no. Original Webtoon.
AdaptedNovel, I think
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical,  Mature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderPsychologicalReversal of TimeRomance
Garden Of Silence [First Impression]

Garden Of Silence Summary

It wasn’t until I lost my husband and daughter that I realized my world was warped. The second life that came like a miracle is going to be useful for me now.

Garden Of Silence [First Impression]
Garden Of Silence starts off quite typically, with a pitiful female lead who is fooled by her brother-in-law. However, as she’s given a second chance at life, she starts realizing how evil her in-laws really are.

Our female lead sets out changing the way she’s doing things. Including kicking the rats out, with no regret. The in-laws are so annoying, especially the brother-in-law. I’m not sure why, but these manhwa series bring out the inner rage in me.

I just want to smack them with a chair or two.

Anyway, our female lead is deciding to just leave everything and getting a clean slate. However, she’s not knowing her first love is returning to her.

You see, she initially starts out with a relationship which ends when he goes to war. She marries another man who has a daughter, whom she ends up loving like her own.

Garden Of Silence [First Impression]
A trash specimen
After their death, she’s heartbroken but her husband leaves everything to her. In the first life, her brother-in-law steals her inheritance with a forged will.

I’m enjoying the story so far, but in terms of revenge stories it’s not standing out too much. The villains are dislikeable, and seems clear-cut.

It doesn’t seem to be a lot of hidden motivations behind why they act the way they do. Instead, we’re just lead to believe they’re greedy and bad people.

It makes it seem a bit shallow.. I understand some people are just trash, but there should be some motivations behind their trashy behaviours. Not just saying “oh they’re bad people” and leave it at that.

I suppose the brother-in-law is feeling attraction towards our female lead, but doesn’t explain why he uses her in THAT way and not tries to remarry her or sexually abuses her.

Recommendation: Overall I’m not hating the story and it’s worth reading if it becomes licensed, but it doesn’t feel like anything super special.

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