Game of Doppelganger [Recommendation]

Game of Doppelganger [Recommendation]

Game of Doppelganger is such a good horror/mystery manhwa. I highly recommend you give this one a shot if you can stomach horror stories.

Alt TitlesJeu de Double, Jeu de Sosie, Игра Двойника, 도플갱어의 게임, Game of Doppelgänger, Doppelgänger’s Game, Doppelganger’s Game
CreatorsKingsnal [킹스날] (Author) – Jui-Joo [Jui Joo, Juijoo, 쥐주] (Artist)
LicensedNot in English – French
AdaptedNot that I know
GenreDramaHorrorMature WarningMurder, Gore, PsychologicalSchool LifeSupernatural
Game Of Doppelganger [Recommendation]

Summary of Game Of Doppelganger from Webtoon.

A deadly game starts in an all girl’s high school. At each end of the school, when the bell rings, a soul is stolen.

This manhwa isn’t licensed in English, sadly enough. Instead it’s licensed in French, so if you know that language, lucky you! I suppose my French lessons paid off a bit in this case. Thankfully Google translate exists so if you’re dedicated, you can make it happen!

I really, really like this manhwa and I hope it’s going to be released in English ASAP so more can read it. The story is grim and mysterious, with enough supernatural twists to keep us being invested in the series. We’re still unnerved every time a new revelation hits us, like we know nothing of the game.

Game Of Doppelganger [Recommendation]
We can almost feel the agony our main character feel when she’s left with the egg and have to leave it with someone else. I absolutely love the art as well, it’s just so good.

The way everything is being portrayed just makes me feel on edge all the time. I can’t imagine the sheer terror our heroine must feel as she’s being stuck in the school, with new revelations creeping up slowly. How everyone in the class seems to have been in contact with the egg in one way or the other… Who can you really trust to be human?

It must feel like an awful nightmare. Then the fact there’s literally a doppelganger of her, messing around in her life. Time going by without her noticing it, her family not noticing her missing. I would be so horrified and scared!

I absolutely love how the monsters are being portrayed and it’s clear that gore doesn’t equal horror. Things are creepy without a bunch of blood gushing everywhere. In fact, sometimes the lack of gore makes it even creepier.

Imagine this is a game of tag, except you’ll die at the end of the school bell striking at the end of the day.

Recommendation: YES, MUST READ. I’m even suggesting you use google translate to translate the French. It’s THAT good.

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