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Freaking Romance [Webtoon – Review]

Freaking Romance by Snailords isn’t your typical romantic comedy webtoon, instead it throws you into a freaking awesome story which you can’t predict.

Completed?Yes, 79 chapters (2018-2020)
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons Off. Spanish, Off. French
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHorrorMangaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural

Freaking Romance tosses a bone of normalcy with some supernatural elements right from the start. The main character Zylith is an aspiring artist and she currently lives alone in her apartment. Well, not entirely alone.

Zylith has her cat,  Mr. Purrfect, and sometimes a random young man shows up and disappears just as quickly. A ghost you think? I suppose you have to read the story to fully learn who he is and what is he doing there.

Freaking Romance - Zylith and Verose

We cannot have a love story without at least one “male” lead, right? We have both Zelan, the young man who keeps appearing and disappearing like an uncanny spirit. We also have Zylith’s best friend, Verose. Both are wildly different people, but you can ship them both with Zylith.

All of these characters are unique and none look the same, and different personalities that showcase both the good and bad in them.

Oh and Zelan and Zylith can’t touch each other, because then they disappear from each other’s view. So romantic. It definitely adds to the difficulties of them ever hooking up.

Snailords definitely know how to use shadows and light to create eerie effects, but also more softer light to instill calmness. The beautiful addition of the color green binds together Zelan and Zylith, and their unique love story.

Although it mostly started out as friendship, which then evolved into something more. The same can be said for Verose and Zylith, however, their friendship is more rooted in normalcy than perhaps Zelan’s relationship with Zylith is.

Initially we think everything is just fine with Zylith, but we soon learn that she has issues with romance and love. She can’t fully grasp the concept, mainly due to her own messed up family situation and psychologically abusive father.

Throughout the series, Zylith learns to stand up to herself and how to experience love, in various forms. Not all love comes in the same form or shape, and that’s completely fine.

This story keeps you interested, but it definitely picks up the pace towards the latter half of the series. I don’t think my mind has been blown this much, ever.
Freaking Romance - Zelan and Zylith

Snailords definitely didn’t hold back writing it and I appreciate the daring attempts to tell a story. What you know isn’t always what you think you know. Mysterious and eerie, but we can’t always get everything handed to us on a silver platter.

Some people may have issue with the story due to the relationship with Verose and Zylith, but it’s a shame if you can’t overlook that and read the comic regardless.

The webtoon brings up a lot of mental health and how parents can affect their offspring’s. In the end, nothing is too graphic but we definitely feel the pain of the characters. There’s definitely some trigger warnings if you’ve ever experienced abuse at the hands of your parents.

Like I wrote previously, the serious aspects of the webtoon doesn’t cancel out the good moments. And we can’t have a supernatural-psychological horror-romance comic without comedy, right?

And there’s a lot of it. Zylith fits perfectly together with both Zelan and Verose, and they compliment each other’s personalities nicely. Even when things heat up, they’re there for Zylith. Maybe in a way which suggests Zylith is a bit too childish and selfish for the amount of love she receives. However, she evolves as the story progresses and learn what’s actually important in life.

You can clearly tell Freaking Romance is made for webtoon publishing format, so sometimes the cliffhangers are a bit too much. However, since the story is now finished, you can simply read through the 79 chapters available on Webtoon. Overall I’d say this is a solid webtoon with great art, character development and plot.

Star Rating: 4/5

  • Art: 4 /5
  • Characters: 4/5
  • Story: 5/5

Read “Freaking Romance” by Snailords here.

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