The Fox’s Trap [1st Impression]

The Fox’s Trap didn’t initially appeal to me, until I read it’s from the same creator which made The Deathless.

Alt TitlesFox’s Trap, Húlí de Xiànjǐng, Лисья ловушка, 狐狸的陷阱
GenreDramaFantasyRomanceSlice of Life, Supernatural
The Fox's Trap [1st Impression]

The Fox’s Trap Summary

Human girl Chi Yan has a nightmare of a fox everyday, and this life was no exception. One day, she meets a real fox demon.

Nine tailed fox Yin Ran only has eight tails. In order to get back the tail bounded to Chi Yan, one of her wishes needs to be fulfilled. The girl, however, has no wishes and only wants to get rid of him.

The bad fox, in response, messes up her life.

A charming face appeared in front of the girl, “Would you like to make a wish now?”


Needless to say, if you read The Deathless, you can expect some great art from this manhua series. I’m honestly mind-blown by the colours in this series. They’re gorgeous and the characters seem so lifelike, despite having some distinctive overblown features.

Our female lead has had some nightmares from the age of 10, so she has been practicing self-defence to protect herself. It seems she’s not scared of a lot of things.

During some type of camping trip, the group plays truth or dare and she decides on dare. The dare is pretty simple, just go to a restricted area close the camping ground.

However, once at the restricted ground she ends up awakening an 8-tail fox who is seemingly out to get her.

Or so she thinks at the very least, the truth isn’t too far out there. It seems since she found the 9th tail of the fox, he owes her a wish or something.

If he doesn’t repay the favour, his 9th tail won’t be returned and his powers will be on the down low.

I must say, I haven’t loved the art so much since The Villainess Is A Marionette came out. Although the art is very different from each other, it’s still a really great series.

As for the artist and author, she has previously released The Deathless, which also has great art. However, I do think this manhua series shows the artist’s improvement.

Final thoughts: Definitely wish this is licensed soon! You should check it out, the art alone makes it amazing to read!

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