The Forgotten Princess Wants To Live In Peace [1st impression]

The Forgotten Princess Wants To Live In Peace starts out with a nightmare, ending with us seeing the female lead stuck in prison.

Alt TitlesA Forgotten Princess Wants to Live in Peace, Forgotten Princess, 잊혀진 황녀는 평화롭게 살고 싶어
CreatorsDul Hana, 둘하나 (Author)
Lemon, 레몬 (Artist)
AdaptedProbably novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/blood, Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceSupernatural
The Forgotten Princess Wants To Live In Peace [1st Impression]

The Forgotten Princess Wants To Live In Peace Summary

Eluana Vita Spess is a stubborn girl who works as a blacksmith in a village called Aden and raises her little brother by herself.

On the day she receives her alchemy ability, a man in the portrait that her mother cherished came up to her.

‘I’m the young lady of a Ducal family?’

Then she learned a shocking revelation from the Duke as he hugged her in his arms. She’s the last bloodline of the first emperor, all known to have been executed.

“I need to get rid of all the dangers. Because I’m worth it.”

The Forgotten Princess Wants To Live In Peace [1st Impression]
In the story, our female lead Eluana, is in prison. She’s taking care of her younger brother, skimping on her own meal so her brother gets to eat more.

It’s clear the future ruler of the country wants to find her father, but she has no idea where he is, or so she claims. She is about to get another whipping when she wishes the door doesn’t open.

The crown prince really just ends up tossing her and her brother in prison because of a silly reason. It’s almost comedic how much of a classic villain he’s set out to be.

Surprisingly, the attendant doesn’t have the right key and thus it doesn’t open.

Around the same time, a young man gets thrown into the jail around the time, and she’s obviously curious about him.

I’m not loving the art, sadly. The female lead looks too young and immature, which isn’t my thing but I suppose it makes sense. It’s implied she’s on the younger side, but still, don’t like how she’s drawn.

It’s quite cliché how she has some innate power, like all the other princesses in the other worlds. The plot feels a bit all over the place, but who am I to complain.

I’ve yet to read a lot so maybe it’ll pick up, but I just don’t know right now.

Final thoughts: Not loving it, but maybe it’s going to get better further on. However, I’m not loving it so I might not read further than just a handful of chapters.

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