Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love [First Impression]

Forbidden Love features a protagonist so annoying I want to smack her with a chair. If you’re into immature, spoiled brats – here’s one for you!

Alt Titles何处安放, Hé chù ān fàng, He Chu An Fang
CreatorsKou Kou Lu [KouKoulv] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Wecomics
GenreDrama,  RomanceSlice of Life
Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love Summary

She falls into darkness after failing the college entrance exam. Go back to school for another year? Is college the only way to success?

As a college teacher who lives a monotonous life, he’s deeply attracted to the cute and smart girl.

But they have secrets that won’t allow them to fall in love with each other. What to do with their forbidden love?

Forbidden Love
I don’t like the main female lead, in fact, I detest her. I fully sympathies with her feelings of inferiority and failure.

However, that does not give you the right to act like an ass. Even though I also understand why that happens, she’s acting more like a petulant child than anything else.

Her mother is working hard to support her and is being incredibly supportive of her daughter. Yet, the dumb idiot is so brazen and rude to her mother!

If the artist wanted a character who is unlikable, she did a full score on this one. I hate dislike the main female lead so much, despite various circumstances which will soften the dislike.

Instead of behaving like an adult and talking things through with her mother, she drowns her sorrows. We’re talking partying, booze, sex – you name it. Not to say any of those things are bad if done with a clear head, but she’s clearly suffering and does this to numb her insecurities.

Forbidden Love
I honestly can’t give a sh*t about the female lead. Instead I’m more curious about the mother and her ex-husband.

I’m not sure, but I think there’s hints at him being homosexual and he left them for a man. Not sure, though.

Likewise, the male character is more likable and shows himself to be a decent fellow. The only issue is he’s going to fall for the spoiled brat, which makes me question his sanity.

Apart from the unlikable female character, the art isn’t amazing. In one shot where the mom hugs her daughter, the head is the same size of a torso plus some. I get foreshortening and closer the object is, the bigger it seems, but that’s too extreme. Some of the art is pretty decent, though. Like the female character, her design is pretty good.

Recommendation: If you want to rage on someone, read this and hate on the female lead. Otherwise you can leave it alone.

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