For Stella [First Impression]

For Stella is an isekai manhwa where the female lead is a supporting character. The twist is that the male lead remembers her death in the past.

Alt Titles스텔라를 위하여, Seutellaleul Wihayeo
CreatorsJIN Suyoon, JIN Sooyoon, 까망소금, 진수윤, Blacky Salt, Ggamangsugeum (Author)
Nanaso, 나나소 (Artist)
LicensedEnglish (Netcomics)
English (Tappytoon)
AdaptedNovel probably
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/blood, Murder / Attempted MurderReversal of TimeRomance
For Stella [First Impression]

For Stella Summary

In order to return to her original world, she must find a way meet her end. However the male lead who’s traveled back in time, keeps preventing her death.

Dana is a side character destined to die in order for the leading couple, Arcane and Stella, to become happy. So, to get back to my original world, I have to do my best to fulfil my role…!

But, why is the male lead so obsessed with me all of a sudden? And why do I get the feeling he’s purposely going against the flow of the original…?

“I won’t let you die again because of me, Dana”

The initial start feels a bit odd and I’m not exactly following the plot and it’s timeframe.

However, I initially was quite liking the story but it seems to lose some of the charm.

Basically, the novel’s original female lead is Stella and the male lead is Arcane. Stella’s 2nd male lead can’t accept the relationship between Arcane and Stella, killing a bunch of people.

It seems our female lead, Dana, comes back into the novel BEFORE these events take place. In other words, our isekai heroine never experiences these events first hand.

She knows what’s happening and wants it to happen, simply because she wants to return home.

Arcane doesn’t want her or anyone to die, obviously. It seems he realizes how important Dana actually is to him and refuses to fall for Stella.

As for Stella, she doesn’t seem like a bad person but I’m not sure yet.

I have only read about two chapters, so I can’t really make a good judgement of the story. It’s quite interesting seeing how the male lead also remembers the past and his mistakes.

Final thoughts: Might be worth checking out, but it’s very little chapters as of late.

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