When the Flowers Bloom [Recommendation]

When The Flowers Bloom starts out with a unique twist, making the readers instantly hooked. It seems tragedy is at hand and I’m scared to read onward.

Alt Titles능소화, neungsohwa
Creators Jo Dujin, 조두진 ( Original Author)
Surreuk Comics, 스르륵코믹스 (Artist & Author)
LicensedOfficial English
AdaptedFrom novel (most likely)
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalRomanceSupernatural

When The Flowers Bloom Summary

Think of me whenever the flowers bloom.

Eungtae, a man destined to die young. Yeon, a woman whose childhood was cursed by the heavens. On a precious summer day beneath the blossoms of the trumpet vine, the two fall in love as fate intended. And in an instant, a shadow is cast over their future.

When The Flowers Bloom
When The Flowers Bloom starts in present day, with a man examining letters from a woman to her husband.

The story is a tragic one, but it starts off with a promise of happiness.

There’s definitely some folklore happening, with a prophecy surrounding the male lead character and his demise. However, the female lead seems to be suffering a badly dealt hand, too.

Both of these should never have been married, according to prophecies, but it seems their fates are conjoined. Needless to say, tragedy is going to befall the young couple.

Not to mention we also have a mysterious supernatural man, whom only the female lead can see.

However, she’s not sure who he is or what he wants from her. Obviously he’s not going to straight out tell her, either.

I gather he’s not exactly happy with her nor her choices in this life, but I don’t know if he’s secretly in love with her, either. When she’s with her current husband, he seems angry at the idea. But who knows, maybe it means nothing.

Overall the story starts out strong and it has a sense of impending doom. It’s definitely not a story I imagine will have a happy ending.

Final thoughts: It has a great start to it and I love the art, so check this one out on Manta!

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