The Flower of the World [First Impression]

The Flower Of The World is starting off with a Mary Sue character, or so it seems. I suppose we’ll see how the story is progressing.

Alt TitlesChuanxing Shijie Zhi Hua, Chuānxíng Shìjiè Zhī Huā, Travelling Through the Universe’s Flower, 穿行世界之花
CreatorsMinxi (Author)
Kuizi [葵子] (Artist)
The Flower Of The World [First Impression]

The Flower Of The World Summary

I’m a genius of the History Department of my college. I can’t believe it when I’m waking up back in time, into the body of a princess whose country is suffering from a war defeat.

Is being a genius in history all for nothing?! And not only am I’m being stuck in the past, but I’m also having an arranged marriage with the Westerners as well.

Moreover, I’m being married off to a country that runs of magic and has severe gender inequality issues.

But don’t you dare underestimate me! You’re looking down on me, a princess of a defeated country? Well, I’ll show you who’s the real expert here!

The Flower Of The World [First Impression]
Our female lead initially comes across as a Mary Sue, with looks and a genius smarts. She’s caring for some artefacts when a fire breaks out in the college.

As she’s running out carrying a mirror, she ends up falling down the stairs. She ends up switching place with a princess from another dimension, who is about to marry someone.

The other dimension is quite interesting, as it’s combining both magic and engineering feats such as an airship. The princess is wearing ancient-style clothes. However, her partner-to-be wears western clothing and seems to be from the Great Kingdom of UK.

The Flower Of The World [First Impression]
From what I gather, females are less valuable in this world and their ability to use magic is only useful when it comes to producing heirs.

Needless to say, our female lead isn’t too happy about that but since she’s stuck in the world, she’s forcing herself survive in the world.

I quite like the art and colouring, which is both beautifully vibrant and crisp-looking. The plot is seemingly interesting enough, although I’m not fully sure yet if it’s worth reading.. I suppose if you like isekai stories, this is something for you.

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out, seems to have some potential. The art is great and it seems to have a unique setting.

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