The Flower of Prencia

The Flower of Prencia [First Impression]

The Flower Of Prencia is set in the devildom where our main character Sabine is transmigrated into the body of a pure-blooded witch. Of course, all are competing for the love of the devildom’s king. 

Alt TitlesPrencia no Hana, Prencia’eui Ggoch, The Flower of Francia, フレンシアの華, 프렌시아의 꽃, 我加热了魔王的冷血
CreatorsRain / Seong Eun-Tae (Authors), Kim Lum [김룸] (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToonOriginal Webtoon, Official French Translation, Official Indonesian Translation

Summary of The Flower Of Prencia

After killing herself, Sabine is reincarnated as a pure-blooded witch in Frencia. She is forced to take the queen candidacy exam for the demon king who doesn’t even know her face or name.

Her goal is to return home safely, but things doesn’t go the way she has in mind. Sabine, the world’s abandoned flower, blooms with a new life in Frencia as the witch Leah Blessa.

Flower Of Prencia

The story features suicide, so please be advice if you’re easily upset by those topics. 

Now, the reincarnated Sabine is being pushed into a world where she’s completely lost and knows nothing about the world. However, apparently she has still caught the interest of the devildom’s king. This is despite the fact the witches are all competing to be the king’s wife. Isn’t that cheating, technically?

The story may not be anything special if you start peeling away the fantasy parts, but I was enjoying it anyway. It has a charm to it and the various trials are quite fun to watch.

Sabine is also quite fun, with a strong sense of morality and compassion towards others. She is growing into her role and powers. She’s not exactly portrayed as a “smart” character, but you can at least find comedy in those moments.

One fun moment was when Sabin accidentally ruined the entire economy, because apparently she’s a truly powerful witch. No explanation of how that happened, though. Now, there’s also one witch that is obviously being extra hostile towards Sabine – typical rivalry we usually see in romance manhwas.

Many comments about this series was how Sabine is a very weak female character and yes, she is. I don’t think you can say anything other than that. Yet, she couldn’t simply steal the body of the previous witch without finding out what happened to her. At least she has compassion towards others. It’s not anything special and sometimes it’s nice to read these stories to fill out time.

Recommendation: Worth a read if you like different dimensions, witches and magic. Don’t expect too much from this one.

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