Flirting With The Villain's Dad

Flirting with The Villain’s Dad [Manhwa – Recommendation]

Very few heroine’s are as adorable as this cotton candy haired girl! I absolutely love “Flirting With The Villain’s Dad/ Seduce The Villain’s Father”. 

Alt TitlesAgdangui Appaleul Kkosyeola, Caninin Babasını Baştan Çıkart, Seduce the Villain’s Father, Соблазнить отца злодея, 악당의 아빠를 꼬셔라
CreatorsVia, Dalseul
Licensed?Yes, English – Tapas, Indonesian – KakaoPage, Chinese – Kuaikan Manhua
NovelYes, Korean
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekai, RomanceSupernatural

Flirting With The Villain’s Dad” is an isekai story but I’m not even mad about it. Our main lead is called Yerenica, but I just keep remembering her as the “princess”. She’s sweet as sugar and her proposal to the emperor of the country Belgot was just hilarious. Even the way she gets turned down was quite amusing.

Now, I read up till chapter 50 something so I know the way the story progresses and it’s abundantly clear love is blossoming between our two main lead’s. It’s really, really slow paced. So if you dislike slow paced stories, you may end up struggling with this one.

Flirting With The Villain's Dad
Poor guy, thinking she finds him old…
I think those of us who have read quite a lot of the story are just screaming “KISS ALREADY” when we see them hug. The relationship did develop naturally enough, with the two getting used to each other and learning to look forward to seeing each other.

At least, the emperor is getting to seeing the princess from his study window. Her perseverance made him naturally curious about her, whilst she has a hidden agenda which isn’t evil by any means. She just wants to save him.

Her determination to marry him was based on what she read in the novel, but she can’t tell him that. I suppose calling him “father” and asking to marry might not have gone over well.

That being said, the relationship develops naturally over the chapters. The hugs, which may have been a rare occurrence at first, seems to happen more often and be more natural.

I suppose you can say they’re meant to be together. Of course, it seems like our princess is very sensitive to magic so the emperor’s holy power is like a “battery” for her. Something our villainess takes into account when she’s trying to get rid of the princess. 

I cannot stress how much I adore this manhwa. It’s very different from most isekai stories where our character gets transmigrated into the body of a villainess. Instead, this time it’s a side-character princess offering herself instead of her sister. So we got some sisterly love going as well! 

From what I can tell, we’re not exactly super close to an ending but I hope it wraps up nicely eventually. 

Recommendations: Yes! Definitely read it! 

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