I Only Came to Find my Dad [Recommendation]

I Only Came to Find my Dad starts out with an orphan girl being adopted by a perverted, sick man. She doesn’t realize this until much later on.

Alt TitlesI Just Wanted to Find My Father, Why Did You Come To My House?, 아빠만 찾으려고 했는데
CreatorsBlooming Bouquet, Hwayoung, 블루밍부케, Hwayeong, 화영 (Author)
Ongnyo, 옹뇨 (Artist)
LicensedSadly no
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, DepressionSuicide / Attempted Suicide, PsychologicalReversal of TimeRomance
I Only Came To Find My Dad [Recommendation]

I Only Came To Find My Dad Summary

Despite her lack of father, Louise lived happily with her mother. Then one day, with her mother’s death, her happy life came to an end.

As her self proclaimed guardian, her uncle Benjamin, a scumbag who covets her mother, takes her in as his niece. The only rebellious thing that little Louis could do whilst in her uncle’s grasp was to kill herself.

But for some reason, Louise returns to the year her mother dies. The joy of meeting her mother again wasn’t able to prevent her death from repeating, so she left to find her father.

Her mother’s words, “Dad is alive” were the only clue she have, and that would eventually change her fate in this life.

I escaped from Benjamin and barely made it to my dad’s house, but he wasn’t the only one there?

I Only Came To Find My Dad [Recommendation]
Of course, the story is quite typical and we see a time reversal within the first chapter.

I must say the description of the cruel and twisted man is very good. You can’t help but to hate him and want him to drop dead.

I can totally see how adults can use grooming methods to make children obey them, only for the people to have ulterior motives.

I Only Came To Find My Dad is quite different, despite having some similarities to other stories. Mainly, the female lead isn’t believed by her mother.

In fact, her mother believes she had a nightmare and thus thinks very little of it. I think the cruel man, named Benjamin, is her uncle, so I hope her real father isn’t as twisted as he is.

Due to the uncle’s schemes, the female lead’s mother becomes the subject of the villagers’ hatred. Sadly, our female lead was raised in such as a caged environment, she wasn’t really taught anything of value.

I Only Came To Find My Dad [Recommendation]
The rebirth feels slightly wasted, since things happen regardless of what previously happened.

She may as well have been reborn to an exact moment things go awry, not so far back. However, it does make things more emotional for us.

So far I’m really liking the story a lot, it’s having some real action moments and you don’t necessarily know how or if the female lead will get out of the situation safely.

Having lost my own mother, I can truly understand how emotional it must be for the female lead, Louise to go through a lot of the changes occurring in her life.

Even a certain someone must be fearing she’ll slip away, and the loss of another important person must be painful.

If you’re looking for other stories where female lead’s have to escape crazy people, I recommend checking out Abandoned Wife Has A New Husband, Mango’s Bone, The Golden Forest and Untouchable Lady.

Final thoughts: I highly recommend checking out this story. I haven’t felt this invested in a story like for a long time.

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