Find Me Where It's Grey [Recommendation]

Find Me Where It’s Grey [Recommendation]

If you want to read a comic which is definitely going to make it, read “Find Me Where It’s Grey” from HanaV95. This is a canvas story available for free on Webtoons and Tapas.

Find Me Where It’s Grey summary from Webtoon

Following Maria who’s living a dual life to find out about her traumatic past.

Then, come Ayaan, a kind young man who might be able to break her cold wall.

Will Ayaan become the person who changes her path or will he become a sacrifice in her stubborn resolution?

Find Me Where It's Grey [Recommendation]
I initially found this story via and their canvas section. What I liked about the story was both the plot but also the art.

I’ve read a lot of series and the art is pretty darn good in this story. Obviously it’s not polished like other published series, but you know, I kind of like that.

The more sketchy nature of the series give it a different feel and more life. Unlike Elskar, this story actually features good movement and I can truly believe there’s fights going on.

As for the backgrounds, they’re slightly lacking but at the same time, who cares? The story’s protagonists are the main focus and I oddly like the sceneries we see.

Maria is also a relatable protagonist with a lot of trauma, searching for answers. It’s interesting to see how her logic works and how she wants to be stronger to find these answers.

Find Me Where It's Grey [Recommendation]
I like those highlights!

I liked the realism in Maria’s encounters with the bad guys. Even if she trains and tries her best, if a bad guy fights dirty then she’s not going to be on even terms. She reminds me a bit about Lauren Sinclair from “Purple Hyacinth“.

I am very curious about Maria, and how her relationship with Ayaan will develop. I am having odd vibes from him but at the same time I want to like him! Maybe he IS a bad guy but decides to team up with her regardless.

ANYWAY, at least he’s good with communication, sort of. I hate when it drags out too long. Ayaan is just perfect. Unfortunately, love isn’t always coming at the right time so… sht. Talk about a punch in the gut, author!

Also, for those who read the story: Sapper is a pretty cute name.

Sadly, the chapters are quite short but I understand it’s not easy to make full chapters, either. At least the chapters aren’t two or three illustrations only. The comic DOES have relative long chapters filled with good content.

Recommendation: YES! Be sure to read this and support the artist!

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