Fetters Of Fate [First Impression]

Fetters of Fate [First Impression]

Fetters of Fate is going quickly through the prologue, landing us in a school story. Of course the male lead is a teacher and she’s a student.

Alt Title恋爱禁忌, Liàn’ài jìnjì, Lian Ai Jin Ji, Love Taboo, Taboo Love
CreatorsXiao Lin Hen Xing Yun [小林很幸运, Xiǎolín hěn xìngyùn]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreDramaRomanceSchool Life
Fetters Of Fate [First Impression]

Fetters Of Fate Summary

The bad boy who always took advantage of me is now my high school teacher!

Is he my destiny? Why do I feel familiar with him?

Is he the boy on whom I had a crush eight years ago?

Separated by doomed misunderstandings and unspeakable explanations, will us… still be together?

Fetters Of Fate [First Impression]
Despite the quick moving plot, the biggest issue is the asshole male lead and stupid female lead.

He can’t even bother saying it’s the wrong house and directing her to the right one. You see, our female lead is moving to her mother’s friend and she mistakes the house.

So instead of directing her nicely, she decides to jump into an open window. Of course she ends up in the bed and he starts pouncing on her. Already here and I’m thinking to just quit reading, but I figure I’ll try to read on.

Anyway, she finds her aunt’s house and the next day she sees the neighbour in the house. He accompanies her to the school and is actually their new teacher. What. A. Huge. Surprise.

It’s possible the story progresses nicely and the male learns to behave more decently. However, I doubt it.

Even the female lead is annoying, especially how she jumps into the house’s open window. Isn’t it easier to double-check she’s at the right house or call the aunt?

Recommendation: I’m sure some will like the story, but I’m not one. I won’t continue reading this.

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