Fatal Kiss

Fatal Kiss [First Impression]

Fatal Kiss is a story about a woman whose husband is overly controlling and dominating. Things are about to go from bad to worse, real quick.

Alt TitlesKiss Shitara Kowareru no wa Wakatte ita, Kiss Shitara Kowareru no wa Wakatteita, キスしたら壊れるのは分かっていた, Kiss shitara kowareru nowa wakatte ita
CreatorsMAYAMA Aki [Aki Mayama, マヤマアキ] (Author)
Buhii [Fibii, ぶひぃ] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedDon’t Think So
GenreMature WarningAbuse, DramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
Fatal Kiss [First Impression]

Fatal Kiss Summary

“If you cry, I will no longer hesitate.” -Aki is exhausted by her husband’s increasingly controlling behaviour.

After returning to work, she happens upon her ex-boyfriend, Shuji, whom she was once hopelessly in love with.

Every time Aki and Shuji meet, she is troubled by his enduring love and understanding towards her. If she hadn’t kissed him again, nothing would have come crumbling down, but…

Fatal Kiss [First Impression]
From what I saw, our protagonist is in a very abusive relationship with her husband. He’s controlling, to the point he’s forcing her to report and ask permission from him to do basic tasks.

For instance, she goes and fixes his clock when she is grocery shopping. Normal people are thankful, but he becomes upset. Later on he even jokes he’ll kill her if she tries to leave him.

Warning clocks should ring for if your husband says something like this to you, especially looking so serious. Furthermore, he forces her to become a stay at home wife and quit her job.

An opportunity arises when she’s offered to work on a project and I assume this is where she’ll meet someone else. Someone who will save her from this horrible marriage.

Fatal Kiss [First Impression]

The husband seems to be very mentally unstable, so I’m assuming the confrontation will be nasty. I saw one of the thumbnails, and it seems it goes from bad to worse, real quick.

Of course, maybe the artists will turn it around and make it seem like he’s actually the good guy. Although I highly doubt that, if nothing else I’m thinking this may be based in reality. Apparently the author is called Aki too, same as the character in the story.

I could be speculating, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is based somewhat in reality. It’s hardly unique to be in a difficult situation with a dominant partner.

You can read this comic on Pocket Comics for free. One chapter per day is available for free, but if you do missions and log in, you get 2 tickets. So that means 3 chapters per day.

Recommendation: Seems to be very interesting, although it features mental abuse between spouses. Not sure how far it’ll be pushed, but keep that in mind.

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