Farewell My Demon

Farewell My Demon [Manhwa – First Impression]

“Farewell My Demon” is really a love story, but not in the traditional sense – at least in the beginning. 

Alt TitlesGoodbye Devil / 굿바이 악마 / Gusbai Agma
CreatorsBaekhwa [백화 / 百花] (Author) – Jin Entertainment (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, LezhinOfficial French Translation
NovelYes, Korean
GenreDramaPsychologicalRape / Mentions of RapeRomanceSlice of Life
Farewell My Demon
The male lead, Kang Taesung

Farewell My Demon summary from Lezhin

Moon Dami will do anything to escape the clutches of Mr. Sohn, the evil CEO who’s out to get her guts—literally. Her rare blood type makes her an invaluable resource to the old man, but when his obsession with her results in a family tragedy, Dami needs to find a way to step up her survival game.

She seeks help from an unlikely source: the handsome but haughty Kang Taesung, owner of Taekyung Financial. Impressed by her bravery, Mr. Kang agrees to protect Dami’s body from Mr. Sohn’s schemes… but who will protect Dami from Mr. Kang?

Caught up in the wild wars of the rich and powerful, will Dami be able to change the demons of her past into the blessings of her future?”
Farewell My Demon
Mr. Sohn and some stupid secretary
Our main protagonist decides to sacrifice everything for her little brother. Even to the point she’s selling her body. 

I don’t think I’ve ever harboured such hate for such an old man as I have for Mr. Sohn. Can’t he just die already? Her grandfather is absolute trash, acting like she belong to him just because she has the same unique blood type. 

He makes her life a living hell. He even kidnapped her and took one of her kidneys when his was failing. 

It’s implied he also had a hand in killing her father. Now, our protagonist isn’t technically related to her little brother nor her grandfather.

Farewell My Demon

In fact, she was an orphan whom the old man decides to have his son adopt. When they refused to give her up to have her kidney taken, he got pissed and they went on the run. 

Now, the person our female lead turns to isn’t exactly any better. He’s also trash, sort of for the same reason. 

He may not have an interest in her blood type or organs, but he has interest in her body. She ends up having a contractual marriage, which includes him having sex with her. 

I suppose you can call it rape, since she’s not really into it but at the same time the manhwa gives double messages. So, I’m not sure what to think about that situation.

It’s clear the woman doesn’t want anything to do with him in the future and she leaves his place once the divorce papers are signed. 

Up until this point, the story was kind of decent but now we’re heading into trope land again. The CEO has caught or is catching feelings for his ex-wife and we know what will happen – he’ll try to get her back.

Recommendation: I will say the art is pretty good and the story is decent. It might be worth taking a look at it if you like dominant male and that forced relationship stuff. 

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