Fake Sister

Fake Sister [First Impression]

“Fake Sister” is a story about a boy who realizes he’s liking his fake sister a bit more than just a “sister”. At least they’re not related, thankfully.

Alt Titles姊非姊
CreatorsŌu bābā [Gull eight eight, 鸥八八] (author and artist)
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Fake Sister [First Impression]

Summary of “Fake Sister” from MU

The sensitive and pampered younger brother and an independent older sister who always takes care of people are both not biologically related to each other. But because of a promise to “take care of him”, she takes care of him as he grows up.

However, when the uncertainty of youth arises, he gradually starts to realize she is an irreplaceable person in his life… A story about the worries of a boy growing up as an adolescent.
Fake Sister [First Impression]
Off to uni!

I must say I really like the colouring of this manhua. Everything is so vibrant, and the sister is looking gorgeous with her turquoise hair. “Fake Sister” is reminding me slightly of the premise of “1st Kiss“, but everything else seems different.

In this story, our main character is just in school whereas his sister just went off to university. He tried to fail his classes just enough so that she would come back and scold him. Unfortunately, he fails them too much and is risking not being able to graduate.

Fake Sister [First Impression]
The story seems to have some comedic elements, too. His “sister” was practically doing a dance at the thought of not having to take care of him anymore (ouch kiddo).

I enjoyed the reaction from the teacher when our main character tells her to contact his sister. He’s even giving her the contact details and she’s just completely shocked to her core. It has never happened before! I love the fun reactions we see from the characters.

Recommendation: Actually seems pretty decent for now, I’ll keep an eye on it. If you like romance with age gap, school life, slice of life and comedy, this may be something for you.

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