Exquisite Wolf Heart

Exquisite Wolf Heart [First Impression]

Exquisite Wolf Heart is a very confusing story about a princess and multiple husband candidates. However, they all have an ulterior motive behind their wooing.

Alt TitlesLing Long Lang Xin , The Double-Sided Girl, The Wolf Princess,  玲珑狼心
CreatorsTianyi Icartoon (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Webcomics
AdaptedChinese drama
Exquisite Wolf Heart

Exquisite Wolf Heart Summary

Being reborn in a mysterious ancient country, the modern girl becomes a princess who is going to be married to one of the princes so as to make peace between two countries.

She thinks it will be a happy beginning of her romantic love, however, it turns that they only want her wolf heart.

In the meantime, this girl finds that another soul co-exists with her in her body…

Exquisite Wolf Heart
The series is pretty well-drawn, but it’s slightly confusing with the plot. It’s not very straightforward at all, which leaves you feeling confused.

Likewise, the panels are very cluttered, making it hard to see the art for what it is. Some more empty spaces would have made the series feel more airy and less compact.

Instead of truck-kun killing our main character, wolves did it in this comic. Which I suppose makes sense, if you know the title and a bit about the summary.

Sadly, the plot is messy at best. There’s so much going on and no one is giving enough information to figure it out. I’m getting a headache just thinking about the plot at this point.

I really wish they’d taken the time to actually fix the panels and pace the story. As it is now, I need to read up on the synopsis to figure out what’s going on even.

There’s a Chinese drama about this story, which I feel is a better way to view this story than the manhua.

Recommendation: I got no clue what’s going on so I can’t say if you should read it or not. At least the art is pretty so you can look at handsome men if what.

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