Has The Exchange Rate Changed?

Has the Exchange Rate Changed? [First Impression]

I actually quite like this one! The title, “Has The Exchange Rate Changed?”, is funny and the story is pretty decent, too.

Alt Titles 환율이 바뀌었나요?
CreatorsYB (Author) – Rat bear [쥐곰이] (Artist)
GenreBody SwitchingComedyDramaPsychological
RomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural

Summary of Has The Exchange Rate Changed?

“Yool Lee” is a bank clerk with an ordinary life. But she ends up switching bodies with a handsome moneylender…? – AnimePlanet

Has The Exchange Rate Changed?

Basically we have a family that aren’t appreciating their daughter a lot. The son’s business fails and of course they want money from their daughter.

Due to a cliche tumble down the stairs and kiss, she’s now in the loan manager’s body.

I actually found the situation quite funny, despite the obvious cliche attached to it. We’re also treated to a shaman who becomes integral in the story.

I just hope it won’t be some weird love triangle bullshit but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Recommendation: Yes, give this one a go.

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