Evil Museum [Horror Month]

Evil Museum is quite a good story, with multiple mini-stories in a bigger tale. If you’ve read Ghost Teller, you have a basic idea of this one.

Alt TitlesGui Yuan, Музей зла, 傀园
CreatorsBING, 饼饼唔饼, 饼, Bǐng bǐng wú bǐng, Bing bing wu bing, Bǐng (Artist & Author)
LicensedCopin ComicsINKR ComicsLalatoon
GenreMature Warning: DepressionDrugs / AlcoholGore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of RapeSuicide / Attempted Suicide, SupernaturalThrillerDrama, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, RomanceSci-Fi
Evil Museum

Evil Museum Summary

The darkest thing in the world is human nature.

At our museum, all of the pieces carry crooked stories of mankind… We welcome to you be haunted- no, bewitched- by them.

Are you ready?

Copin Comics
Evil Museum
Evil Museum is honestly reminding me of xxxHoLic. We have a woman who seemingly has some unnatural ability, telling or showing stories for a male worker.

As for the manhua series, I love the storytelling aspect of it. It’s very similar to Ghost Teller, which is another webtoon I’ve been enjoying.

Now, Evil Museum isn’t bad for being a manhua series, which is surprising. It seems a lot of Chinese creators are quite good at making horror tales, but not so much for romance.

The sixth story of the manhua is upsetting, since a man was sent to prison for no reason. However, it’s very interesting with such a twist, although it’s pretty common in various horror movies.

I enjoy the mix of horror and comedy, though. Oftentimes it’s a lot of darkness, blood and grief in these stories. It’s quite nice to have it mixed up a bit with some comedy aspects.

Final thoughts: I’m really liking this manhua series, you should definitely check it out!

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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