The Evil Cinderella Needs a Villain

The Evil Cinderella Needs a Villain [Manhwa – First Impression]

The story isn’t anything special, but the comedy saves it from a direct “nope” from me.

Alt TitlesMechante Cendrillon & Vilain Compagnon, Saaghan Cinderella-egen Agdai Piryohae, 惡女改造計畫, 사악한 신데렐라에겐 악당이 필요해
Creators GONG EunHwa (공은화, Gong Eun Hwa) / KKomak (Canaria, Canary, kkanaria, kkanaria17. Koko Ball Kkanaria, カナリア, 카나리아) – Authors
Bbiyak (Piak, Bbiyak,Peep, Ppiyag, Ppiyak, 삐약) – Artist
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon
NovelYes, English
GenreDramaFantasyReversal of TimeRomance, Isekai

The Evil Cinderella Needs A Villain summary

The villainess is getting married to the villain?!

Lilith, a former villainess was killed by the man she loved. She was punished for her evil deeds, but when she woke up, she looked the same as before but was a supporting character in a novel.

“While I’m being abused by my stepmother every day, I’m also engaged to a trashy man?!”

Determined to reflect on her past mistakes and live a good life this time, she enters into a contract marriage with the future villain of the story in order to change his fate and leave her stepmother and two stepsisters behind.

“I do not need love to live a good life!” – MangaDex
The story itself is pretty “normal” as in we’ve seen it several times previously. That being said, the story itself is kind of funny.

There’s some attempts at comedy although the entire “evil Cinderella” isn’t exactly something we see towards innocent people.

The “evil” part is only to put the step-sisters and mother in place. And the villain doesn’t seem to be a villain. Instead of just instantly clamping down and making the step-family shut up, he allows to be lead along. This is obviously to bring conflict and plot to the story.

The “evil Cinderella” is actually apparently kind, because she’s even giving stuff to orphans. I don’t think “evil” cuts it in these moments, she’s just retaliating towards her step-sisters’ own “evilness”.

Someone who is evil wouldn’t necessarily behave like that. And yes, I totally get they need to add “evil” to the title to make it seem unique and different from the original story.

The Evil Cinderella Needs A Villain
This story is quite typical, we have the female lead asking the male lead to marry her. And why? Because the female lead doesn’t want to be married to some creep. You’ve seen this several times before in manhwas.

Hardly unique. Yet, it’s quite funny with some of the misunderstandings occurring and how the step-sisters and step-mother can’t really do anything about it.

I do find the story to be quite amusing, although it’s not exactly unique it still has some charm to it. The chibis are quite unique and not the traditional types. It has some charm and are different from what we normally see.  It doesn’t save the series from being mediocre at best.

Recommendation: Not anything special, it’s kind of funny and could be worth a try if you don’t care too much about the quality.

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