Your Eternal Lies [Recommendation]

Your Eternal Lies features a unique setting to a plot, where the female lead is not quite what she seems. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Alt Titles영원한 너의 거짓말, yeong-wonhan neoui geojismal
CreatorsJeon Hoochi, 전후치 (Author)
Kkomak, Kkogi, 꼬기 (Artist)
LicensedSadly no
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Mature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderPsychologicalRomance

Your Eternal Lies Summary

Rosenne Walker was imprisoned for killing her husband at the age of seventeen. Although she attempted to escape several times, she was eventually caught and arrested in Monte Island, the worst prison on earth.

And Ian Connor was responsible for transporting her.

He never blinked an eye at Rosenne’s shameless lies.

However, Ian suddenly came into realisation that her lies might be the truth.

“Will you believe me no matter what I say?”

“It doesn’t matter, so tell me anything, Rosenne.”

Will her lies turn out to be the truth in a time that is unstoppable?

Eternal Lies
The start of “Your Eternal Lies” heralds a breath of fresh air in the comics world.

It’s mature and reminds me a lot of Evony, which isn’t a bad thing.

It seems to be set in a world where airplanes exist, but it still seems to be rooted in some mystical aspects. They believe our female lead to be a witch, which isn’t necessarily disproven. However, our female lead firmly states her truth, which no one believes in.

It’s hard to be sympathetic towards her, when she’s used to lying left and right. However, she’s seemingly not a bad person. She immediately jumps to save a child when the need presents itself.

It’s clear she’s a complex character which we’ve just seen a smidge of so far.

As for the male lead, I suppose he’s more the “typical male” hero.

As in he’s quiet and stoic in his ways, believing in a rigid code of conduct. It’s not exactly a sympathetic role to have, either. However, it does pave way for character development as the two main characters get to know each other.

I’m not sure where this story will end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we find ourselves with a bad ending.

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with the comic, including the beautiful art. The female character is absolutely stunning with her pale blue eyes. It’s really great looking art.

Final thoughts: Despite reading little of the comic, I have a gut feeling this is a good one and worth reading.

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