Empress? Empress!

Empress? Empress! [Manhwa – Review]

“Empress? Empress!” started out interesting but has left me feeling disappointed more times than not.

Alt TitlesHwangbi’nim? Hwangbi’nim!, Tensei shitara Yuuyuu Jiteki no Kouhi Life!? , ฉันไม่อยากเป็นจักรพรรดินี , 転生したら悠々自適の皇妃ライフ!?, 황비님? 황비님! / I don’t want to be Empress!
CreatorsKkiming, Seong Eun-Tae (Authors), N’oah (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToonOfficial Thai Translation, Official Japanese Translation, Official French Translation, Official Indonesian Translation

Summary of Empress? Empress!

Ever since being transported into the world of a book she read, Leana has had one goal: stay on the emperor’s good side and avoid being sent to prison!

Sure, she agreed to marry him and become his empress consort for a pampered life of luxury, but she’s determined not to make the same mistakes as her antagonistic story character.

But for some reason, things in the story keep changing — new characters, unexpected events…

Can Leana get this story back on track, or is she in for a plot-twist? – TappyToon

Empress? Empress!
Leana has a pretty face but…
3/5 Plot:

For the most part, the plot is thin as water and really offers little in terms of uniqueness. The act of betrayal is easy to see through, for everyone except the main characters, of course.

I’ve read up until chapter 58 of the manhwa and I’m done. “Empress? Empress!” started out with a common trope as a loveless marriage, waiting on a destined person to come and so on. It made sense for the character of Leana to still want to live a good life.

However, somehow along the way she gains the love of the emperor. This plot has been re-hashed so many times now, it’s making me sick. There are some good moments in the plot, but overall it’s just dragging on right now.

I get that we want to unfold side-characters’ ambitions and love life, but those can go into a side-story. Truthfully, I don’t care about them right now. I want to see the empress consort and the emperor put their heads together and get to bottom of the danger that’s threatening them.

Empress? Empress!
2.5/5 – Characters

Now, the destined person, Mia, that shows up is thankfully not a villainess, but pretty decent, eventually. She’s become one of my favourites in the series, which isn’t saying a lot. She’s goofy and initially she was reading into the whole “I’m supposed to be together with the emperor” bullshit, but she changed.

I don’t think she would have survived in any world acting the way she acts, though. There’s a difference between goofy and plain rude. At least someone has opinions, even if they’re an annoying character.

Mia is basically worshipping Leana. It’s honestly nice to see characters that support each other. Leana wasn’t a bad character in the beginning, but she’s not progressed a lot. If she wanted to live a safe life, I’m not sure being royalty is the best choice, though. Although I guess she decided on it because it was something she knew from the novel.

It really did start out interesting, but the story just went down the drain. I appreciate Leana’s trauma regarding an attack. It’s not normal to bounce back immediately if you’re not used to that sort of thing. It makes sense to want to shut down and keep yourself safe.

The emperor starts out as a cold, workaholic – then he’s suddenly head over heels for Leana and he’d do anything for her. At least I can appreciate he’s open about his feelings for her, right now.

Empress? Empress!
3/5 Art

The art isn’t that amazing, unfortunately. Certain chapters feature heads which are enormous. Leana is drawn pretty enough, but there’s missed potential there. Out of all characters, at least she’s the one with somehow unique features.

The rest look like they belong to another story. We’ve seen so many black-haired male leads now I want to just stop reading every time a new one pops in. Overall the art is decent but I’ve seen art that’s so much better. “Shadow Queen” for instance, beautiful character designs and dresses. Even “Elskar” has beautiful designed clothes, although stiff characters.

8.5/15 Above Average – Conclusion:

I would say it’s not a horrible manhwa, but it definitely needs improvement. I think you can read a bit of it and make up your own mind, but don’t have high expectations.

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