The Emperor Reverses Time

The Emperor Reverses Time [First Impression]

Normally it’s a female lead that reverses time due to various reasons. However, this time it’s the emperor! 

Alt TitlesGeu Hwangjega Sigyetbaneureul Doedollin Sayeo, 그 황제가 시곗바늘을 되돌린 사연
CreatorsHwayoung (Author), Yongkkeu (Artist)
GenreDramaHistoricalReversal of TimeRomance

Summary of The Emperor Reverses Time

Only after Empress Lizzie died did Emperor Leon realize his foolishness and regret it late, but the clock had already passed.

With Leon’s wishes, the Witch of the Clock Tower turned back time to the day Leon first met Empress Lizzie, and all that was left for Leon, who had returned to the past, was to make Lizzie happy.

But the influence of turning back time was greater than he thought. Will Leon be able to make Lizzie happy? – Mangadex
Emperor Reverses Time
Don’t you just want to protect her?!?
I think you can probably guess what happened to make the emperor reverse the time. Long story short, the emperor realized he never gave his empress a chance despite her trying her best to please him. It’s one of those moments of never realizing what you have, until it’s too late.

The emperor was cold in the beginning towards the empress, but as the time reverses he starts paying more attention to his future empress. He forces her parents, who have been abusing her (logic, abusing future empress), to change their ways a bit.

For instance, a white room now features her favourite colour blue. He also presents her with low-heeled shoes in the colour blue. 

This is not enough for the abuse people to stop, which forces the young prince to go to his parents and tell everything to his mother. Now, the mother’s behavior is just amazing. She immediately takes action!

We’re still only a few chapters into the story, so we don’t know what to expect from the story.

However, I do hope the relationship improves and the young lady gets freed from the abusive family. I find the future empress to be quite adorable and a good pick for the emperor.

Recommendation: Worth a read due to the male lead being in focus. 

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