Elskar [Manhwa - Recommendation]

Elskar [Manhwa – Recommendation]

Elskar has gorgeous, but slightly stiff art, an interesting story and a lot of potential.

Alt Titles Promise Jewel, 엘스카르, Elskar: The promise Jewel, Elseukareu, La promesa de una joya, إلساكر, وعد جوهرة
CreatorsWu Na Young (WOO Na-Young)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalPsychologicalRomance

Summary of Elskar

Hidden deep within the sanctuary of the forest lives the Rangae species, who form a precious jewel within their hearts once they reach adulthood.

Viola, a young Rangae, has yet to form one when her village is attacked by human hunters.

Due to her shocking resemblance to the late empress, she is rescued by Duke Khalid Alec Droy and assigned to serve the fifth imperial prince.

Faced with the cruel hierarchy of high society and palace life, can Viola overcome her hatred of humans and discover the mysterious duke’s true intentions? – TappyToon

I am going to recommend “Elskar”, even if it doesn’t quite reach to one of my favorite manhwas. The story is pretty interesting and even cruel at some points. It’s a systematic destruction of these Rangae, seemingly supported by the nobility of the country.

Viola’s part in this story is very much that of a child, fumbling in the darkness. She’s led by the duke, following his wishes without really knowing his end-game.

The beautiful and young rangae is also maturing as the story goes on. She’s seen becoming more mature in her mannerism than before. She was an innocent girl, after all. After the village’s massacre, not so much.

There story is interesting as is, but it’s also interesting to see Viola navigate high society. She eventually seems to develop a truce or some type of friendship with the flower of society, lady Fiore. This story is very much a battle of words as it is with swords.

I find the art beautiful, but very stiff. The artist is good at drawing stills, but lacks movement in the later chapters. I can overlook this, however, since the art is gorgeous.

Recommendation: An interesting story filled with gorgeous art, well worth to check out.

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