Elizabeth [First Impression]

Elizabeth seems like an interesting story about a girl, living alone at the outskirts of a forest. Her undergarments seems to go missing…

Alt Titles엘리자베스, Elisabeth
CreatorsMa Chérie [MaCherie, Masheri, 마셰리] (Author)
 Lee Ruin (Artist)
LicensedNot in English
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalRomance
Elizabeth [First Impression]

Elizabeth Summary

Born into the family of the Marquis of Minchester, she grows up receiving a lot of love.

However, her family is being framed as pagans, her house ends up destroyed and her entire family end up dying, leaving her as the sole survivor at the young age of 10.

She takes the name ‘Elizabeth Hale’ and hides her identity as the daughter of a traitor.

She starts living alone in the Forbidden Forest under the tacit protection of ‘Oswald Lambert’, the owner of the Forbidden Forest in the Principality of Aragon.

And for the next 10 years, she lives as a girl in an ordinary village by picking and selling fruits.

But one day, the lord of Aragon is mysteriously killed and the Principality of Kaluk is established with Guerryl Blacktail, who became the new lord. 

Elizabeth [First Impression]
In Elizabeth, the female lead is living alone at the outskirts of a forbidden forest. She’s doing great, all things considered.

For the last two months she’s struggling with someone or something is stealing her laundry.

Her undergarments are gone and one of her shoes are also missing. She has no idea who is taking just one shoe and she curses them for doing so!

It seems the young woman is quite used to living alone and she gets by with selling fruits and so on. She doesn’t need a man to survive, but she still hopes for having a good romance.

One day she sees some warriors parading through the streets and they offer too much gold for her strawberries.

Unbeknownst to her, the new leader of the town is the one stealing her undergarments. Or, his wolf/dog is being a naughty boy and stealing them.

Turns out he’s trying to compensate her by giving her too much money for the strawberries.

However, she takes it the wrong and is feeling offended by them. It’s clear they, Ellie and the male lead, have some chemistry between them.

It seems they can’t keep their eyes off each other, but of course things are getting in the way of their love. I’m 100% sure they will be ending up together, though.

Sadly, the art isn’t the best and I’ll tell you why. Initially it seems quite good, right? I was thinking the art was great until I saw certain scenes.

However, the female lead’s posture and pose looks odd sometimes and the same thing goes for the men.

There’s just something off about the anatomy, despite the artist’s best efforts to make it look great. I have no issues with the colours, because they look pretty nice overall.

The characters aren’t the best either, with all of the warriors looking about the same. I honestly can’t really tell at first glance who is the male lead or not.

They’re all having brown hair and the same build, making it quite difficult telling them apart.

Final thoughts: It has potential, but I’m not sure about the story for now. The warriors all look the same and I’m not loving their logic regarding marriage.

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