Elegy of Roses [1st Impression]

Elegy Of Roses starts off with an interesting twist on the isekai genre. However, I’m not so sure about the story overall.

Alt TitlesRose Castle’s Elise, The Elegy of Roses, 장미성의 엘레지
CreatorsMole, 모레, More
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseRomance

Elegy Of Roses Summary

The main character, Iruri, who was led to another world through a dream and possessed the body of Tineke, a young aristocrat of a certain kingdom.
She tries to leave the mansion to get a clue to return to the real world.

However, in an unfamiliar world where Elma, the girl who followed Tineke, keeps (?)stepping on her(?), and there is no one to trust, Iruri is helpless…

Will Iruri be able to finish her journey safely and return home?

Our female lead becomes “Albertina” and wakes up from some disease and near death.

She’s not exactly adapted to the world, not being able to read any of the books.

It seems her fiancé is also a bit of a narcissist, at least according to the OG Albertina. I’m not sure what happened between them, but something went wrong.

One thing is for certain, the family and fiancé all suck and want to use the female lead for their own purposes. It seems there’s very few people who genuinely care about her.

Some people are hating on her, but I find her reactions are pretty normal.

She’s in a world without any real friends or companions, afraid they’re going to find out she’s not from this world.

However, as she slowly becomes settled into who she is, she’s going to regain her autonomy.

The story is slightly confusing, especially with the relationships. I suppose it makes sense since we don’t know what relationship the female lead has with other characters.

As for the art, it’s pretty good. I’m not saying it’s the most amazing art ever but it’s pretty good.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story, although I can understand some people disliking the female lead initially.

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