Drizzle and silent [First Impression]

Drizzle And Silent starts off with a really nice prologue. We have a sense of longing for a boy, but I’ve not read too much of the story.

Alt Titles细雨润无声, Xì yǔ rùn wúshēng, Xi Yu Run Wu Sheng
CreatorsYì yáo FIR [艺尧FIR, Yi Yao FIR]
LicensedNot in English
GenreDrama,  RomanceSchool Life
Drizzle And Silent [First Impression]

Drizzle And Silent Summary

The appearance of Mingyu made Xi Qing experience the feelings of heartbeat, love, sadness and reluctance.

It is such a seemingly ordinary boy who will always occupy her heart.

His departure did not really leave, he will continue to accompany her in another way

Drizzle And Silent [First Impression]

The art in the prologue is really beautiful and I’m feeling very impressed by it.

The intro starts off with a lot of emotion and longing, which made me instantly like the series.

I’m not sure I’m fully understanding the story fully, especially basing it off the information we find in the prologue.

Our female lead is still in school and during one day, a guy takes a “secret” photo of her.

I think what happens is the first meeting is in school, the 2nd meeting is on their respective balcony.

He’s watering his plants and accidentally sprays water down her balcony, too.

Overall the story seems quite cute and emotional, but I didn’t have the chance to read more.

The story isn’t seemingly focusing too much on the dialogue, but with focus on the actual expressions.

Sadly, there’s not a lot of information available on the story nor are there’s a lot of chapters.

I’m not sure how the story is progressing, since the Chinese story have few chapters, too.

Final thoughts: Seems like a sweet story but I don’t know how it will end in the future.

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