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By the Way, Dragon Mistress! [Manhwa Review]

“By The Way, Dragon Mistress!” focuses on Karl, whose parents died at a young age. He was offered help by both the emperor’s 2nd prince and Duchess Orleans – but who is he most loyal to, really?

Alt Titles있잖아요 용님!,  Itjanayo Yong-nim!
Creators Young Hyun (영현)

Summary of By The Way, Dragon Mistress!

Though he had lost his family at a young age, through the help of Duchess Orleans and the Emperor, Karl grew up excellently.

But at the banquet where Karl intends to tell the Duchess of the Emperor’s meaningful words, a questionable explosion takes place.

Duchess, what is your true identity?!


By The Way, Dragon Mistress!
It doesn’t take a lot to piece together that the duchess is probably a dragon – not just a “proxy” as she’s introduced as firstly. Our main male lead was saved by this dragon when he was a young boy, so he probably holds a lot of affection or gratefulness towards it/her. 

The art style is a bit lacking, but it’s not bad. All of the characters seem very young and short, but the story is interesting enough. I will say it seemed to be quite predictable. I could clearly tell the emperor was responsible for a lot of mishap, but it held more potential than I initially thought.

3/5 – Art:

The art isn’t necessarily bad but it lacks finesse that I’m used to seeing in other manhwas or webtoons. Overall, the colours aren’t on par with other series’ nor is drawing of the characters that amazing. It’s still passable, but it’s not my preference. 

The art gets a score of 3 simply because the dragon is pretty darn great. Now, the angles are also pretty well drawn, although I feel like it’s lacking sometimes, it’s still above decent.

3/5 – Characters:

The character design is quite nice for all of the main characters. The emperor looks different enough with his blonde hair and earrings. I love the little touch that you can still see a dot where his earring used to be.

The main male lead looks decent as well, hardly special but passable. Our dragon, the duchess, looks decent as well. Not everything is about the design, though. The characters are quite flat, especially the male lead.

By The Way, Dragon Mistress!

He’s been loyal to the emperor for years, yet he quickly abandons him without even caring to find out if what he’s being told is accurate. What if the dragon was the villain? He’d be screwed.

Only later do we find out that it’s not all what it seems, and our main lead was playing a dangerous game.

The emperor’s motivation is basically open to anyone who has the ability to look past their nose. He’s so predictable it’s almost laughable. The duchess is the most interesting character, but that’s only because she’s a flipping dragon. She seems to be cool and collected, and powerful. Yet she seems to have a soft spot for our main lead. 

3/5 – Plot:
By The Way, Dragon Mistress!

Unfortunately, everything plays into the plot and it starts out a bit confusing. Of course, it’s not exactly awful and it’s interesting with a sentient dragon that can transform into a human, or vice versa.

I won’t be writing too much about the plot here, but it has redeeming qualities which ups the score quite a bit. It seemed a bit rushed around certain parts, but overall it was enjoyable. 

The character’s motivations come into play with the plot as well, so the plot is highly rated because of that. Certain times everything feels rushed and you’re not introduced properly to scenarios, other times it happens too slowly.

9/15 – Conclusion:

I’m happy I got through the beginning, since it was a bit painful to first start reading the story. The story is worth a read, especially since it’s not that long. Have an open mind about it and it’ll get a lot better. I will say that the ending weighs up for the beginning, although it was difficult to get through the first few chapters.

I don’t want to write too many details, so I apologize for that. But the story is only as good as the big revelation, after all. It was definitely rushed and would have needed to be fleshed out a bit more.

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