The Double Agent [1st Impression]

The Double Agent is definitely not for the faint of heart. The story is both messed up and interesting, with intentions of making a double agent.

Alt TitlesIjungcheopja, 双重间谍, 雙重間諜, 이중첩자
CreatorsHayeon, 하연 (Author)
piececake, 피숙혜 (original novel)
Charles, kimscholar, 옆집찰스 (Artist)
LicensedEnglish (LINE Webtoon)English (Tappytoon)Simplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
AdaptedFrom novel
GenreAction,  DramaMature Warning: Gore/blood, Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, PsychologicalRomanceThriller
The Double Agent

The Double Agent Summary

As a child, Sasha Laurent lost her parents overnight when the Dochen Republic invaded and burned her hometown, Neroi.

Fleeing across the border, she lives off the streets until rescued by General Gerard of the Allied Forces.

A decade later, when he asks her to infiltrate Dochen as a secret agent, she has no choice but to comply, but soon finds herself a prisoner at the mercy of Major General Johann von Willendorf.

Sasha’s unhealthy obsession with Johann veers dangerously close to love, but will her feelings change when he makes her a double agent?

The Double Agent
I was reading The Double Agent previously, and many people were hating on the story. However, despite the messed up nature of the story, I quite enjoy it.

The female lead is definitely not stupid, but she’s incapable of helping herself. It’s clear the psychological torture she’s going through would be messing up pretty much anyone.

I think that’s partly why I’m enjoying the story so much, namely the fact it’s so messed up. We sometimes have villains who are so-so when it comes to the evilness.

However, Johann is quite nasty in the way he treats Sasha. I’m definitely fearing for her sanity and I can wholeheartedly believe she would be experiencing some Stockholm Syndrome.

What I also like about the story is the feeling something is not right. Namely, Sasha’s family are dead but we don’t know the actual killer or the reasoning behind it.

We’re lead to believe it’s the enemy country, but what if it’s something more sinister going on?

As for the actual spy work, I feel like she’s definitely set up and having the position leaked. It’s either that, or the counter-intelligence is extraordinary.

The way the female lead is part of an unfavourable population, meaning the people are easily making demeaning marks about them. Not that they know she’s part of that population, but it just shows how little they think of them.

Sasha also comments how well the city is doing, as opposed to cities in the country she sought refuge in.

The art style is also pretty gorgeous although it holds a certain simplicity. At least it’s looking really good and I can’t find any real flaws with anatomy and so on.

Final thoughts: Definitely read if you like stories with twisted nature and heartless male leads.

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