Don’t Touch Me [First Impression]

Don’t Touch me [First Impression]

Don’t Touch Me is a manhua with seemingly no isekai’ing, being reborn or time travel. Meaning the female lead messes up and has to live with her mistake.

Alt TitlesB-B-B-Back Off!, Tui Tui Tui Tui Xia!, Back Off!, Tuì Tuì Tuì Tuì Xià!, 退退退退下!, Retreat Retreat Retreat, 別碰我, Bie Peng Wo, Bié pèng wǒ!, 别碰我!, Can’t Touch This Princess (official title)
CreatorsBùdīng liúlí [布丁琉璃, Buding Liuli, Bu Ding Liu Li] (author)
Jiū Yǔ [Jiu Yu, 鸠羽], Éi Hēi Gōngzuò Shì [Eh Hei Gong Zuo Shi, 诶嘿工作室, Eh Studio] (artists)
AdaptedPossibly a novel
GenreDrama,  Mature Warning: Smut, Romance
Don’t Touch Me [First Impression]

Don’t Touch Me Summary

Six years ago, with a thoughtless remark, the downcast Princess is forced to marry the powerful Governor of the East Chamber? A real princess and a fake eunuch, what a weird couple!

On the wedding night, Governor Shen pushes her against the couch and smiles harshly, “I have an old debt to settle with the Princess.” Changning looks at the handsome man at her feet with teary eyes and trembles.

Don’t Touch Me [First Impression]
Don’t Touch Me starts out with the female lead insulting some eunuch, who then starts hating her. Little does she know he’s going to be marrying her in the future, oops!

Apparently our female lead is a princess, whose brother is the emperor. However, the empress dowager is controlling the emperor since he’s only 9 years old. Obviously he’s not fit to rule on his own, likewise the sister isn’t well-liked by the empress dowager.

Due to some palace drama, our princess is sent to marry the eunuch she previously insults. Apparently he climbs his way up in the society and ends up in a position of power, which the empress dowager needs. So far so good, I guess. I quite like the idea behind insulting someone who you’ll end up marrying.

Apparently this story is counting as a smut manhua, which makes me curious what else we’re going to see. So far everyone is hinting he has nothing in between his legs, however I’m doubting that. If nothing else it’s going to show he was never a eunuch to begin with. If you don’t know what a eunuch is, check out the Wikipedia page.

I’m not exactly sure what to expect from this series, but I’m not hating it. Although I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll get worse in the coming chapters, I suppose we just have to buckle up.

I’m predicting our female lead is going to fall in love with the male lead, whether or not it happens without forcing her, I don’t know. At the same time, maybe this story will surprise me in a positive way.

Recommendation: The comic might be worth checking out, I’m not disliking it so far. It seems to be quite funny and interesting, but we’ll have to see in upcoming chapters. I think it may become like typical manhuas where they bicker back and forth.

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