Don't Call Me Sister

Don’t Call Me Sister [First Impression]

Don’t Call Me Sister features a combination of Snow White and Cinderella. I must say I quite like this one so far.

Alt TitleJaboteureul Sae Eonnirago Bureuji Maseyo, 자보트를 새 언니라고 부르지 마세요
CreatorsAndersen Loven [안데르센러브] (Author) – Homer [아마] (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English
Official Indonesian
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalRomance
Don't Call Me Sister [First Impression]
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Don’t Call Me Sister Summary

At the age of 19, I, Zabotte Winchester, inherited the legacy of my stepfather and became the owner of the Winchester family.

I thought my mother would run the family, so I could live a comfortable life. When I found out I might die from an accident, I rewrote my life plan.

“From now on, I will be the real owner of Winchester.”

I will protect Winchester’s wealth and honor, the future of my old and new sisters, and win the loyalty of a man who was the start the night at a ball all by himself.

Don't Call Me Sister [First Impression]
I absolutely love this story so far! Zabotte eats a poisoned apple in the beginning a la Snow White.

Her family is about to give up treatment of her, all except Cinderella. I mean, she’s really called Cyntialel, but let’s face it, she’s practically Cinderella.

The beginning is like a re-telling of the story, except the oldest sister, Zabotte, isn’t that evil or mean. Anyway, when she eats the apple and falls into a paralysis, everyone almost abandons her except Cyntialel, who professes they have to keep trying to save her.

After some nice tripping and landing on her ribs, Zabotte wakes up and just know she has to find someone who can protect her. She needs to find a fool! Or wait, no, not a fool. A husband, yes.

The best place is at a ball, which she meets our male lead and share a steamy night together. I bet that wasn’t really the plan, but that’s how it goes. Now, there’s another ball coming up soon which will feature the 7 princes of the kingdom. I told you it was a re-telling/combination of Snow White and Cinderella.

I didn’t really read past this but I found it quite hilarious so far! Zabotte seems like a good sister, despite her short temper.

Recommendation: Definitely give a read if you like funny romantic stories set in a historical setting.

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