Divorce Me Husband! [1st Impression]

Divorce Me Husband! sadly falls flat, despite some good effort on trying to make it work. The female lead obviously falls for the male lead, as per usual.

Alt Titles이혼해주세요 남편님!, Divorce Me Husband!, Let’s Get a Divorce Husband (official title)
CreatorsRantesisas, 란테시아스 (Author)
Nugu, 누구 (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English
AdaptedProbably from Novel
GenreDramaFantasyIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/blood, Drugs / Alcohol Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
Divorce Me

Divorce Me Husband! Summary

She possesses the body of a supporting character who is swept away by her husband’s treason and iskilled.

I’m trying to divorce my husband, Claude, to survive, but this guy won’t let me go.

“We’re going to get divorced.”
“I don’t intend to let you go, ever.”

In the original novel, it was said that he was clearly a man with no interest in his wife.
It said he was an iron-blooded duke with no blood or tears, so why is refusing the divorce?

“I won’t let you go even if I die.”

If you don’t like it, why are your eyes burning with obsession? Even if you give me the most expensive diamond in the Empire to seize me and give me all kinds of flowers and jewels…… I refuse to live in such a marriage. Because I don’t even want to dream about dying in treason. I want to live!

So please, please…….. divorce me, husband!

Divorce Me
Divorce Me Husband! is a walking cliché factory, falling flat in its attempts at creating a good story.

Our female lead fears for her life, so she’s attempting to divorce her future traitorous husband.

However, she soon falls in love with him and wants him to survive. She goes against what happens in the novel, stealing accomplishments from the original male lead.

She also realizes the male and female leads are very different from how they’re written in the novel. The male lead, a crown prince, is really just a slobby drunk and the female lead is a jealous woman.

Needless to say, it’s hardly characters you end up rooting for or caring for in the slightest. It’s just falling flat with typical villains and nothing feels like it matters.

Eventually the husband manages to find a way to his wife’s heart, both by getting injured but also spending time with her. It’s so stupid how the male lead is also completely unaware of his wife being looked down on by the maids.

The butler clearly has been doing a poor job maintaining the staff. Likewise, the male lead also has a sad and tragic past, which feels so typical and fake it’s making me ill.

Final thoughts: You can check it out but it’s not worth reading too much of. It’s just a poorly written story with half-decent art.

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