How To Disguise As A Failure [1st Impression]

how to disguise as a failure [1st Impression]

How to Disguise As a Failure starts off with the typical isekai tropes, combined with a self-fulfilling prophecy. Prepare for a heroine trying not to die.

Alt Titles穿成炮灰女配该怎么办, Chuān chéng pàohuī nǚ pèi gāi zěnme bàn, Chuan Cheng Pao Hui Nu Pei Gai Zen Me Ban
CreatorsHui Jiazhi Lu, The Road to the Best, 绘佳之路
LicensedNot that I know
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Romance
How To Disguise As A Failure

How To Disguise As A Failure Summary

The young girl is alienated by society all because of her prophecy.

After injuring herself, she remembers her past life as an office worker, and leaves behind her original family to find someone worthy of her love.

However, her sister is bound by the prophecy to stay with her original family for the rest of her life.

How To Disguise As A Failure
How To Disguise As A Failure starts out with a storybook theme, with two children blessed by a pope.

As with most of these stories, there’s a prophecy which will dictate the female lead’s life.

As it turns out, the two sisters will have two different roles in the world. Rose, is the sister who will save the world or something. Whereas her sister is the one who will destroy it, mainly because people seem to hate her scar.

In the original story, the 2nd sister whose name is Jasmine, ends up going ballistic and hating everyone. When she’s about to die, her twin sister tries her best to save her.

Overall the story doesn’t seem to be bad, but it’s definitely not wholly unique. I suppose it’s a decent tale, but it has multiple tropes which aren’t that interesting.

Final thoughts: I’m not sure I like the story, but it’s not bad. I’ve just seen it done so many times this one fades in the background.

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