The disappearance of the Crown Prince of Joseon [First Impression]

The Disappearance Of The Crown Prince Of Joseon isn’t really impressing me a lot, but it’s not too bad. It’s just not doing anything for me right now.

Alt TitlesHilangnya Calon untuk Pangeran, The Missing Case of Joseon Sejabin, 朝鮮世子嬪失踪事件, 조선 세자빈 실종사건, Joseon Sejabin Siljong Sageon  
CreatorsSEO Ina [서이나] (Author)
KANG Dahye [강다혜] (Artist)
LicensedNot English, Official Indonesian Translation
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: Mental / Physical Abuse, Romance

The Disappearance Of The Crown Prince Of Joseon Summary

A story about a couple that ends in tragedy.

She, who is born to the wife of a king, vows not to be a trapped butterfly again.

When I open my eyes, fate comes again, “Later we will meet again as a man and a woman then you must be my woman and I will never let you go again” says the man.

The Crown Prince Of Joseon
The Disappearance Of The Crown Prince Of Joseon doesn’t seem to be a special manhwa.

Our female lead loves painting but since she’s about to marry the crown prince, she will have to give up on the hobby.

When she enters the palace, she meets the princess of the palace. It seems they’re quite friendly with each other and she doesn’t seem like a bad person.

The Crown Prince Of Joseon
The female lead wants to see whom she’s going to marry, so they come up with a plan for her to take a peek at him.

However, she soon realizes he’s about to run away or something. Since she in a disguise, she seems like a maid and not like a noble lady.

She ends up coming with him and they go to find out some art thieves. Due to her painting skills, they avoid making a boo-boo and blowing their cover.

Overall the story isn’t too bad but I’m not loving it. The main issue is the plot seems a bit boring and I got no clue what’s going on. The title suggests one thing but is that going to happen or no?

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