Die, Please! [First Impression]

Die, Please! is a story which starts normal enough then goes all crazy. I didn’t see this twist coming, but I totally should have.

Alt Titles부탁이니 죽어주라, Please Die!, butagini jugeojula
CreatorsEuntae [은태]
LicensedYes, Manta.net
GenreComedyFantasy, Mature WarningMurder / Attempted MurderSchool LifeSci-Fi
Die, Please! [First Impression]

Die, Please! Summary

Mina is looking for the right timing to confess her feelings to Yeo-Myeong. Somehow, accidents happen every time she tries, causing her plans to fail.

The truth is that Yeo-Myeong and Young-Woong are planning to kill her.

Die, Please! [First Impression]

Die, Please! starts off as a comedy, but soon takes a darker turn with murder attempts and aliens. I’m certainly not expecting things to happen the way it’s happening.

Our female lead Mina is a bit annoying, but it seems she’s not exactly stupid. She knows her crush hates her, but she can’t shut off her heart. She’s eagerly awaiting her time to confess, despite it being interrupted about 12 times.

The 12th time someone named the red lion interrupts the plans.

Die, Please! [First Impression]

Apparently someone keeps helping people in the city and that person has red hair. Coincidentally, Mina’s classmate also has red hair. Hmm, I totally don’t see a link between these people.

The 13th time, she’s once again having someone come in her way of confessing. It’s clearly not meant to be, but you have to admire her perseverance.

Things start unravelling and we find out there’s aliens! Somehow they need to return to their planet by killing Mina, but we don’t know why yet. I can guarantee you, Mina is not fully human because it seems she has some superpowers of her own.

Final thoughts: The story is definitely set up as a comedy with a more deep twist, but I’m not sure I’m fully loving it. It’s just a bit too annoying on my eyes.

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