Hell Romance

Devilish Romance [Webtoon – First Impression]

“Devilish Romance” is a new webtoon recently released. As you may have guessed from the title, it features a demon!

Alt TitlesDevil Romance, Hell Romance, Hellish Romance, Адский роман, Дьявольский роман, 地狱罗曼史, 地獄羅曼史, 헬로맨스
CreatorsLee Kong-joo [이공주] (Author) – White Eagle [하얀독수리] (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, WebtoonsSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese French
Release2021 (English), 2020 (Korean)
GenreComedyDramaHorror, PsychologicalRomanceSupernatural
Devilish Romance

Summary of Devilish Romance

After being unfairly framed in devildom, middle-tier devil Sitri falls onto Earth as a human and searches for a serial killer who could take him back to his origin.

He meets a stubborn, strict human boss who he initially hates; however, he eventually starts having feelings for her.

Love has no limits, but… does it really? What will be their fate?

Devilish Romance
Think this is romantic? Jokes on you!

This story begins well. Namely, we have someone basically dancing at a murder scene and he’s seen by his new boss. I don’t know about you, but that’s not usually the best impression on your future work colleagues.

It’s clear this demon has some temperamental issues and sees himself above everyone else. I find it charming how his boss manages to deal with him. Of course, he’s planning his revenge (he’s a demon after all).

Another fun thing was the “adult toys” that was really angel stuff, since the words are the same in Korean. The two unsuspecting humans probably thought they were high on something.

So far there’s not been a lot of romance stuff, but it ought to happen soon. They even live next to each other, after all! If there’s not awkward encounters I’ll flip a table.

I think if you like “Devil Number 4“, you might enjoy this one a lot. The devil in this series is less likeable that Number 4. I don’t really like the female lead, either. It’s still too soon to come to a conclusion, so you better read it yourself. It’s free after all, can’t go wrong with that.

Recommendation: Read if you like demons and romance!

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