Devil Number 4

Devil Number 4 [Webtoon Review]

I’ve read “Devil Number 4” for a long period of time and it’s only recently the main story came to a conclusion.

The ending tugged on my heartstrings. The long time it took to finish reading the series makes it more sad to be saying goodbye.

Alt TitlesA Love Contract with the Devil, Ác Quỷ Mã Số 4, Devil No. 4, Devil’s Love Contract, Любовный контракт с демоном, صفقة حب مع الشيطان, 악마와 계약연애
CreatorsJangjin (Author), Woombi (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons
GenreDramaFantasyMature WarningPsychologicalRomanceSupernatural 

Summary of Devil Number 4

When a down-on-her-luck student runs out of money – and hope – it’s time for the devil to make his entrance and give her an offer she can’t refuse.

But this devil has problems of his own. He’s a cog in Satan’s corporate ladder, who’s quickly losing credibility because that same desperate girl isn’t ready to part with her soul willingly.

Now, she’s working at his coffee shop while he tries to convince her that she can have it all. And the cost? Merely her mortal soul… – Webtoons

The story is well-developed and set in a world which is similar to ours, except devils, angels and god exist in the very physical sense. The story is starting with our main protagonist, Hanna, in her teenage years and the devil, aptly titled “Devil Number 4”, becoming her boss. 

Devil Number 4
God is hot, I guess?
Despite his best attempts, Hanna really doesn’t want a lot in her life. At least not enough to make a wish or deal with the devil. She simply exists in the world, going through the motions. As the story progresses, we get a look into Hanna’s life, as well as her previous life.

As everything is unravelling, we’re introduced to multiple characters – all linking to “god”. 

The antagonists we thought were out to get Hanna turns out to be more multifaceted than we initially thought. Not everything is as it seems and our perception of the characters is changing as we’re progressing in the story. 

Sometimes I felt the story was too much and it overwhelming with all the characters and information. When this happened I had to take a step back and reread some chapters to fully understand what exactly was happening.

Devil Number 4
A teenage Hanna
Despite the story being overwhelming, the end of the webtoon made me cry a bit. Despite taking a break from the story, I still felt emotional at the end.

Goodbyes are sad, but they’re necessary to begin growing and changing. The last revelation was like a sucker punch to our gut, but the love from our main character made it even more emotional.

There’s not a lot to be said about the art, since it serves the purpose of the comic but isn’t overly beautiful or flashy. The characters are created well and nothing seems amiss when faced with them.

What I mean with that is the characters are well designed, to the point they are naturally fitting into the world.

The story isn’t without both good and bad moments. We have moments where we feel frustrated, sad and anxious. The way God is portrayed makes me truly dislike him and his ways.

However, it’s so odd that “God” is in the mortal realm. I truly felt a sense of dread when he kept popping up, mainly because this is someone who supposedly is controlling everything that happens to you. How do you win against God?

Recommendation: Definitely worth a read!

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  • Art: 4.5/5
  • Plot: 4/5
  • Characters 4.5/5
  • Score: 13.5/15 – Really good webtoon and you should read it.

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