Shouldn’t The Devil Love You [First Impression]

Shouldn’t The Devil Love You is a story about a devil and an angel, falling in love. And something else no one knows about.

Alt Titles悪魔が恋しちゃ ダメですか?, 身為惡魔的我 不可以戀愛嗎?, 악마가 사랑하면 안되나요?, Akuma ga Koishicha Dame desu ka?, Shēn wéi èmó de wǒ bù kěyǐ liàn’ài ma, Shen Wei E Mo De Wo Bu Ke Yi Lian Ai Ma, Agmaga Salanghamyeon Andoenayo?
CreatorsUsamaru [AOYAMA Haruto, 青山春兎, 兎茶まる] (Author & Artist)
LicensedNot in English
AdaptedNot sure, probably not
GenreDramaFantasyRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural
Shouldn’t The Devil Love You

Shouldn’t The Devil Love You Summary

The devil’s daughter Nora and the angel Isaiah were in love despite their natural enmity.

Nora was devastated when Isaiah was mysteriously murdered.

But she heard news that Isaiah had been reborn as a human, and she immediately descended to the mortal world to meet him again.

But what she found was…

Shouldn’t The Devil Love You
Shouldn’t The Devil Love You has a story which is very confusing and I’m not sure what’s going on.

Our two lovebirds used to be in love, then the male lead dies. He reincarnates in the human world and then I’m not sure what’s going.

Our female lead is a devil or demon, something along those lines. She receives a mission from her father to investigate her previous lover due to some information he may or may not remember.

However, it seems like she doesn’t love him anymore but she’s still acting like she’s loving him. It’s very confusing and I’m not sure what is actually going.

Our male lead is also hinting he may remember his past, both with actions but also words. Overall this seems to be interesting but it’s so bleeping confusing.

The story is very short, with only 12 chapters which may explain why everything feels so rushed.

Recommendation: It’s clearly not an A+ story but it may be worth checking out if you like blushing main characters. Doubt it’s worth reading too much of, though.

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