Delicious Blood [First Impression]

Delicious Blood is quite a nice manhwa, but it’s full with clichés and tropes. Despite that, I’m still really liking the story.

Alt Titles딜리셔스 블러드, Dillisyeoseu Beulleodeu
CreatorsLalune [라륀느], Yeondu [Yeon Doo, 豆, 軟豆, 연두], ZQ (Author)
Ddiddi [띄띄] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics (via app)
AdaptedYes (assume it’s mature since KakaoPage redirects unless you log in)
Delicious Blood [First Impression]

Delicious Blood Summary

One day, an ordinary college student, Choi Yoo-jeong, finds herself into debt to a cafe named ‘Delicious Blood’ because of an accident.

A huge debt of 100 million won.
Daniel, the owner of the cafe, tells Choi Yoo-jung to pay off her debt by working part-time at his cafe.

Choi Yoo-jung eventually starts working, however, Daniel, the handsome boss, doesn’t wish to let her go.

And slowly Daniel becomes close to Choi Yoo-jung because to him, she smells sweet.

What exactly is Daniel’s identity? And what will happen to Choi Yoo Jung’s future?

Delicious Blood [First Impression]
So far I’m really liking Delicious Blood. Not going to lie, it is filled with clichés and tropes but something keeps it from going into cr*p territory.

I assume it’s the female lead’s interactions and reactions.

It’s very clear she’s being attracted to our male lead, but she’s not past the point where she can feel scared. After the car incident, she’s clearly freaking out a bit. This is a normal reaction to someone approaching you without your permission.

I just love this reaction from her and I likewise like the male lead noticing, and apologizing for his actions! It seems he’s not a huge douchebag, although I’m still not going to cheer for him.

I’m also really liking how our female lead is looking. I normally don’t see hair that’s up in a ponytail like that, so it adds a certain charm to her appearance.

Recommendation: Well worth checking out, hopefully we’ll see companies licensing it soon!

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