Death Office [First Impression]

Death Office tackles some very hard questions, including both blood and cruelty. So far I’m really liking the story and looking forward to reading more!

Alt TitlesDepartment of Death, Ministry of Death, Shoyakusyo, 死役所, Shiyakusho  
CreatorsAZUMI Kishi [安昙骑士, あずみきし]
LicensedPocket Comics (app download)
AdaptedYes, Japanese Drama
GenreDrama,  HorrorMature Warning: Gore/blood, Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderPsychologicalSuicide / Attempted SuicideSupernaturalThriller
Death Office [First Impression]

Death Office Summary

When people die, they end up in the Ministry of Death, where they must fill out the necessary forms. The paperwork doesn’t end with death! Without paperwork, they can’t ascend to heaven.

Depending on the lives these people lived, their application may not be approved by the employees. Instead, they may end up being sentenced to hell instead!

Follow the daily lives of the employees as they judge and assist the dead in the afterlife.

Death Office [First Impression]
Death Office is a really interesting manga series, but with some truly upsetting imagery.

In the first story, we see a young boy committing suicide by jumping off a balcony.

We later on find out the boy is being horrendously bullied by other kids at the school. He even have his foreskin forcibly cut away by the boys. And that’s not to mention other things happening, all due human cruelty. No wonder he decides to end his life due to the abuse!

Our poor protagonist in this story is suffering, feeling like he’s mocked by the employee of the death office. He’s wasting time in limbo, not filling out paper work until he meet his bully in the limbo, too.

Death Office [First Impression]
Turns out some avenges the death of the young boy, sending the bully to the limbo as well.

He believes he’s going to heaven but little does he know, his action carries weight in the underworld! It’s not going to end with him ascending, that’s for sure.

The stories are basically anthologies, with different characters being in the office of the dead. All of the characters have unique stories and personalities, which makes every sub-story interesting.

In 2019, a Japanese drama arrived featuring Matsuoka Masahiro as the main office worker. If you prefer watching drama over reading, this could be an option to still partake in the story.

Recommendation: If you can handle some very upsetting themes, including murder, suicide and more, this is a good manga to be reading. If you can’t handle those topics, you may want to pick another manga series to read.

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