Every Rose Has A Death Flag

Every Rose Has a Death Flag [1st Impression]

Every Rose Has A Death Flag is a new comic, available on Webtoons Canvas and Tapas. It’s a story about a villainess, desperately trying to prevent her own death.

Alt TitlesEvery Rose Has A Death Flag: Life is But A Flower
LicensedWebtoon Canvas, Tapas
GenreDramaFantasy,  HistoricalIsekaiRomance
Death Flag

Every Rose Has A Death Flag Summary

As the prince’s wicked fiancée, Camilla is destined to die within a year of becoming queen – unless the prince marries the heroine instead.

Camilla has to stop the heroine from falling for a different capture target and rewrite the only ending where she might survive, all in a world determined to make her the villainess.

Death Flag
The story starts out with the typical cliché starts, namely that of an isekai heroine destined to die if she follows the original plot.

She’s also the worst character from the game, wicked to the core, which upsets the male lead.

One day she wakes up in the body of this wicked villainess and has to prevent her own death.

I quite like the story so far, it’s very interesting despite knowing what kind of tropes it’s falling into. The female lead is quite brave and smart, trying to desperately save herself from death.

Sadly the chapters are quite short, which sucks. However, the chapters aren’t way too short and still manages to keep a certain amount of length to them.

As with all of these isekai stories, the male lead will probably end up falling for the female lead due to her distant nature. I quite like the female lead’s hard truths towards the male lead.

Final thoughts: It seems like a solid story, albeit it does feature some tropes we’ve seen a lot in these isekai stories. Overall I’m looking forward to reading more.

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