Dear X [Manhwa - First Impression]

Dear X [Manhwa – First Impression]

Dear X explores just how far someone is willing to go to reach success. Meet Ajin Baek, a woman who steps on countless of people to reach fame.

Alt TitlesBeloved X, Chinaehaneun X, 亲爱的X, 親愛的X, 친애하는 X
CreatorsVANZIUN [BAN Ji Un, BAN Ji Woon, Banjiun, Panjiun, 潘志沄, 潘志澐, 반지운] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, EnglishS.ChineseT.Chinese
AdaptedUpcoming Drama
GenreDrama, Mature WarningMurderGore, Abuse, PsychologicalSchool LifeSlice of LifeThriller
Dear X [Manhwa - First Impression]

Dear X Summary

Ajin Baek is an actress at the top of her game. She has everything.

She’s a beautiful, award-winning actress, the public loves her, and she’s about to announce that she’s getting married.

But on the night of the award ceremony, a news program exposes the darkness behind Ajin’s glittery exterior.

Just how far was Ajin willing to go to get to where she is now?

Dear X [Manhwa - First Impression]
Beautiful art
Dear X initially starts with our two lead figures in this stories coming head to head over the phone.

One is looking to expose Ajin to the world, but is his intentions truly so pure and shiny? And what about Ajin? Is she someone who truly feels nothing for others? Is she a person who will step on others to reach her goals?

In order to fully go to the bottom of this, we’re being forced to see how Ajin’s mother abuses her and then later on dies. The father remarries to the male lead’s mother. Not that this may be a romance tale, but there’s some affection there from the step-mother’s son.

One-sided if we believe Ajin to be a sociopath who feels nothing for him.

Throughout Ajin’s life we see how she’s tackling situations that occur, including abuse from parents to bullying from classmates. It’s hard not to sympathies with Ajin, but at the same time not feeling appalled by her actions.

Dear X [Manhwa - First Impression]
We see characters instigate fights with Ajin, then act like they’re the victim in the whole mess.

However, where do we draw the line between revenge and just straight up trying to ruin someone’s life?

The story reminds me a bit about Perfect Classroom, where we also see a young student manipulate her class. Overall I’m very fascinated by stories such as these, since they speak to our innermost depraved part. How often do we want to take revenge against those who are mean to us? Yet we lack the tools to do so and the moral compass not to.

Ajin steps on multiple people to arrive to the place she is today. I have a feeling she will not stop at anything to maintain that position, even murder.

Recommendation: If you like stories with anti-heroes, this one is for you. Ajin is definitely not a good person but it’s very interesting to see how she manipulates the people around her. If slightly scary and saddening, too.

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