Dear My Hunny Bunny [Recommendation]

Dear My Hunny Bunny [Recommendation]

Dear My Hunny Bunny is a sad but heart-warming story about two people healing the wounds on their souls.

Alt Titlesこんにちは、私のおチビちゃん, Konnichiwa watashi no ochibichan, Hello My Puppy, 안녕 내 똥강아지
CreatorsLEE Min-Young [LEE Minyeong, 이민영] (Author)
Raccoon [タヌキ, Tanuki] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics (English) – Japanese
AdaptedFrom Novel
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Depression Mental / Physical Abuse, Suicide / Attempted Suicide, Murder / Attempted Murder, Gore/bloodPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
Dear My Hunny Bunny [Recommendation]

Dear My Hunny Bunny Summary

Jay is an 8th rank public official.

She works as a special guardian, and her mission is to heal children whose souls have been deeply wounded.

Ludwig shuts himself off from the world. He seems as if he’s forgotten how to smile.

However, he learns what it means to be happy through Jay, and Jay cherishes him as her own precious Hunny bunny.

Dear My Hunny Bunny [Recommendation]
Our female lead’s life starts out badly. Her family dies in a car crash and she’s attempting suicide.

However, when everything feels as dark as it possibly can be, her uncle steps in. He saves her from her depressive state of mind and introduces her to a job where she will make a huge difference.

The universe we’re in seems to have multiple worlds belonging to it. We have earth and at least two more worlds, each with their own rules and laws. Our male lead is from a world where his mother abuses him due to her own issues. You see, his mother didn’t want to marry his father and she blames him for her misery.

Due to this, our male lead Ludwig is obviously hurt because his own mother doesn’t want him. In comes Jay, who will heal his broken hurt and make him trust her. Of course, it’s equally healing for her, too.

Dear My Hunny Bunny [Recommendation]
Together they develop a close bond, equal to that of mother and son. When the time comes and Ludwig needs to return to his home world, Jay isn’t ready to let him go.

Instead, she plans to follow him to his world. Time flows differently, and in the four month time it’s taking to reach his home, about 10 years has passed for him.

I adore this story and I’m giving a recommendation based on the first 17 chapters or so. The relationship between Ludwig and Jay is heart-warming but sad. The way he’s being mistreated hurts my heart and I’ve felt tears well up in my eyes a few times.

Recommendation: So far I don’t know how the story will go, but I do recommend you read it anyway. It’s worth reading only for the beautiful and touching moments we see early on between Ludwig and Jay.

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